The Friday Five!

1. So it was a sad day here at our house on Wednesday night, when I watched Anoop Desai get voted off of Idol. It wasn’t exactly shocking, as he’s been in the bottom two quite a bit, but I still felt my heart sink when they called his name. He was such a good sport, though, thanking the vocal coaches (who does that?) and then saying right to the camera that, on the plus side, “Now I get to go back to Chapel Hill.” Amen! Because he knows that even though he is sad, this is such a gorgeous place to be right now. Everything’s in full bloom, classes are almost ending, and you can still bump into Tyler Hansborough at the Whole Foods salad bar, as my friend Courtney did just the other day. Come home, Anoop. We’ll be here!

2. Yesterday, I had a conference call with the marketing folks at Penguin to discuss the plans for Along for the Ride, Lock and Key, and the rest of my backlist. And can I just say: WOW. There is so much fun stuff coming up, I can’t even tell you. I mean, I really can’t, not yet. But suffice to say, you will probably have to be living under a rock to miss seeing SOMETHING about my books in the next few months. There will be contests, and excerpts, and videos, and, and…..but again, I’m not supposed to tell you. Yet. Stay tuned!

3. In other news, my mom sent me an email yesterday with a request. She’s looking for funny, happy movies (as opposed to the serious, sad ones, I guess) to watch and wanted my suggestions. She said something along the lines of Notting Hill or Love, Actually. And of course, I blanked. What’s up with that? After some thinking, I came up with Ghost Town and Juno, as far as current movies, but after that, nothing. I just haven’t seen many movies lately. So, as always, I turn to you. Ideas? Old favorites? Let me know if you have one in mind, and I will pass it on. And maybe even watch it myself.

4. Last night, I watched an entire hockey game, a first for me. My friends Cameron and Courtney came over for pizza, and Cameron’s a big Carolina Hurricanes fan, so we put on the playoffs, where the Canes were taking on the New Jersey Devils. (See, don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about? Kind of, anyway?) I have to say, I like hockey more than football or soccer, if only because it moves so fast. So fast it is REALLY hard to keep track of the puck. I felt like I moron that I had such a tough time keeping up with who had possession, but Cameron assured me that this is normal. He might have just been being nice. But still, I appreciated it.

5. Also last night, in honor of Court and Cam coming over, I splurged on some cupcakes from Whole Foods. Now, I’ve written here before about how I am basically obsessed with Whole Foods. Like my friend Sara Zarr recently said, I often fantasize about what it would be like to have their hot bar in my dining room, always ready for me. Can you even imagine? I have even considered moving into town SOLELY to be able to walk there and get their food whenever I want. But I digress. So, the cupcakes. They were GORGEOUS. One Boston creme, two chocolate with vanilla frosting. HUGE, like the size of grapefruits, so pretty you don’t even really want to eat them and ruin it. But then you do, and….well, suffice to say, I still have one and a half of them in my fridge as I write this. It’s 8:22, I’ve just poured myself a cup of coffee, and all I can think about is how great they would taste, right now. But I’ve been working out so well to lose these last pregnancy pounds! And I really want to fit back into my cute dresses before the book tour. Angel on one side, cupcake devil on the other. (Now THAT’S a good band name: Cupcake Devil. Might have to use that.) Am I strong enough to resist? I’m not sure. It is Friday, after all. When else is it okay to have chocolate for breakfast?

Have a great day, everyone!

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