Serenity now!

Okay, so I’ve written here lately about my efforts to relax more. Breathe, you know, be present, all that stuff. When that doesn’t work, though, I have other tricks, like getting a manicure/pedicure. Here’s my theory: even if I am a true hot mess, falling apart in all kinds of ways, I am convinced that if my nails look good, I seem like I have it all together. Myth? Probably. But you go with what works.

I think it’s hilarious, though, that whenever I go to get my nails done and I’m looking for that elusive confidence boost, something always happens to deflate me. This weekend, it was at the salon, when the woman doing my toes looked up at me and said, “Do you want an eyebrow and lip wax?” Now, I hadn’t been considering this. Didn’t think I needed it. But of course then I’m like, wait, how bad do I really look right now? I passed on the wax (no time) but then, sitting at the drying station, I struck up a conversation with the girl next to me, who said she’d had the EXACT same experience. (This is so Southern, making friends at the drying station. I swear, this girl and I were, like, separated at birth we hit it off so fast.) Anyway, she said her nail tech had looked at her heels while exfoliating and said, “Oooh,” and not in a good way. Followed by asking if she wanted a wax (!) AND then if she had a baby. “I’d just eaten some Oreos,” she wailed to me. “But I didn’t think I looked THAT big.”

My Puritan ancestors would say that all of this is just vanity, and I (and my drying station friend) deserve to be made to feel bad for indulging in it. And maybe this is true. The universe does seem to work that way, raising you up and then knocking you down a bit, just to keep things level. Maybe I’m just hopelessly neurotic. But at least my nails look good.

In other news, thanks to everyone who wrote in saying they would take some audiobooks off my hands. We got some great emails and will be sending out packages to deserving libraries in the next week or so. Once that’s done, we’re planning to take a break from all requests for bookplates and donations until the fall. Normally I try to give as much stuff as I can, but I’m kind of overwhelmed with stuff to do, so I’m taking a break. Hopefully by the fall we’ll be back on schedule. Donations then, serenity now!

Finally, I am beyond embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until last night that I FINALLY got to see Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. I LOVED the book, and planned to see the movie as soon as it came out, but of course life got in the way. But last night, we popped in the disc and it was so, so good. It’s so rare a book you love is also a great movie, but in this case, it works just that way. Plus, it made me wish I lived in New York, if only for one night. But then, this morning, I wake up here and the birds are singing and the sun isn’t up yet, and it’s okay too. Even serene.

Have a good day, everyone!

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