The Friday Five!

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1. The pollen is so bad here right now, I can’t stop sneezing. And I don’t even usually have allergies! If you look out the window at any given time, though, oak pollen buds are just floating past, shaking their yellow dust everywhere. We could really use a little rain, if only to wash everything off for a second or so. I’ve never seen so much pollen so early in the season. Is this another sign of global warming? Maybe we all going to sneeze ourselves out of existence? I wonder.

2. Speaking of dire predictions, I am trying SO HARD not to freak out about the swine flu. I know, I know, I’m being a total hypochondriac (probably) but my GOD if you watch the news you would think we were all about to drop dead tomorrow. PANDEMIC! the news shouts. SCHOOLS CLOSED! LEVEL 5! But then, in the next breath, they said, “Oh, but don’t panic. It’s important not to panic.” Personally, I think the media is just excited to have something else to talk about other than the sad state of the economy, so they are running with this. It might be time for another one of my famous media blackouts. Maybe just for the weekend, or something.

3. Yesterday, on a whim, I took Sasha down to the UNC campus to walk around. It wasn’t the prettiest day, but she had a blast running across the grass, looking at birds, while I pushed the stroller behind her. I’ve said before that you never feel older than when you are pushing a stroller on a college campus, and it is the god’s honest truth. I took Sasha up to the fish tank in the Union, which was not smart because the room was silent and full of people studying, and she immediately began to shriek with delight. What can I say, she likes fish. We evacuated, fast. But as always, when I’m at UNC, I felt that surge of love for the campus, all that nostalgia, as well as this sense of things coming full circle. There I am, walking the same pathways I did when I was a kid myself, and then a student, and a teacher. “Look,” I kept saying to her, “Mama used to drink her coffee here! And her office was in that building!” She didn’t really seem to care. But still, it was nice.

4. How is it May first today? No, really. How? The last two months have zipped by, and now I know I will blink and it’ll be June. My husband’s grandmother told me years ago that time goes faster the older you get, but I really understand what she meant, now. I mean, when I was a kid, it seemed like summer lasted FOREVER, and now it just rushes past. I guess our lives are so busy and hectic that nothing is slow anymore. But I am determined to take a breath here and there. SLOOOOOOOW down. That’s my mantra, even in these quick times. Ignore the emails and Twitter for a minute or two and go out to the sandbox and dig around. You can’t rush in the sandbox. It’s, like, a rule or something.

5. Finally, we have been getting SO MANY awesome entries for our contest that, honestly, I’m a little scared about how I’m going to pick only three winners. Here are a few more examples, from Jillian, Lindsay and Catherine:

So cool, right? I have my work cut out of me. Think it might be time to hit the sandbox….

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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