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Just a quick entry—between Sesame Street, which I love, and Barney and Friends, which I REALLY don’t—to tell you about Melissa Walker’s Release Week Covers Extravaganza! Melissa’s celebrating the release of her new book, Lovestruck Summer (out today!) with a bunch of stories about book covers and how they came to be. I am flattered that Along for the Ride is the kickoff, so click over to check out the story of how we came up with the cover and other fun behind the scenes facts and info.

Also, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who are looking for the links to finding me on Twitter, Facebook and Sarahland, the Ning Community. To find them all, just head over to my website, where we have links at the bottom of the page. The direct link to Sarahland is here.

Ugh. Barney is singing again. Why do I feel such animosity towards a big purple dinosaur? No idea. But I do.

Oh, and one more thing. Today is my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Michael!

Have a great day, everyone!

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