The Friday Five!

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1. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I have to admit that even though it’s my second as a mom, I still find myself always thinking about it like a daughter, not a mother. My first priority is making sure I have a gift for MY mom, and cards, etc, forgetting completely that I now fall into this category myself. Maybe, though, this is because only now that I’m a mom do I really get all she went through for my brother and I. Sleepless nights, so much worry, wiping runny noses, changing diapers, doing everything you can to make someone else’s life as good as possible. It is not an easy job. You deserve a week of celebration, or maybe even a month. But if it’s just a day, make it count. I love you, Mom!

2. Sunday is also graduation day at UNC, which is always both happy and sad as well. It’s the official end of the semester, everyone clears out, and there’s always a shift for us, too, as we invariably lose a babysitter to summer travel or internships. If we’re lucky, though, another returns, which is happening this year. I have been SO LUCKY to have the greatest sitters helping me out with Sasha over the last twenty months. Without them—and my parents, and in-laws, and cousin Barb—I never would have written another book or had time to do this blog, or any number of the other things that always need doing. Along for the Ride is partially dedicated to the girls who kept Sasha so I could write it, although some of them don’t even know it, and probably never will, as they aren’t readers of my books. (They all love Twilight, though. Every single one of them!) Still, a thank you counts even if no one hears it. It’s like a tree falling in the forest. Or something. Right?

3. In other news, just a reminder: you have until MIDNIGHT on Sunday, May 10th to enter our Lock and Key paperback contest. Then, we’ll stop accepting entries and start what I think will be a VERY hard process of narrowing down and picking a winner. We’ll hope to announce results sometime next week, maybe in the Friday Five. Stay tuned! If you need details on the contest, go here.

4. You know how when you’re feeling stressed, there’s nothing better than doing something that makes you feel accomplished? In the weeks leading up to a book release, I always find myself sort of at loose ends, feeling antsy and nervous. Exercise helps. Writing does too, if I can focus enough to do it. One thing that really works, or so I discovered yesterday, is solving OTHER people’s problems. I went over to my parents’ house, and in about an hour had helped one of my mom’s friends work out a bunch of issues with her iPhone, hooked up a new printer for my dad, and helped my mom sync her iPod with her computer. Sure, I was still nervous about the book and everything else. But SOMETHING was done, and done correctly. Now, I’m looking for other things to fix around the house. Where’s my screwdriver?

5. Finally, it may be totally self-serving, but I just have to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to Adele of The Sarah Dessen Diarist, who is running a series of blog posts leading up to my birthday next month. I swear I did not pay her to do this, or force her in any way. She is just that sweet. I’m turning 39 in less than a month (even typing that number, I honestly can’t believe it) and all the kind words on this site—especially those from Melissa Walker, fellow Chapel Hill girl, which got me all verklempt)—are making accepting that a lot easier. So thank you, Adele. I really, really appreciate it.

Okay, I’m off to fix something. Or everything. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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