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Yesterday, Parker and I convened at the conference area at Sarah Dessen headquarters (aka sat on half-busted office chairs around an old drafting table in my spare room) to pick the winners of the Lock and Key contest. People: this is HARD. We had over 300 entries, and they were all so, so good. I’m going to announce the winners here on the blog tomorrow—when Lock and Key is officially released—but I have a feeling we might be giving a couple of honorable mentions, because picking just the top three is proving to be really difficult. Stay tuned for the results!

After all the judging, my brain feels totally mushy, so I don’t think I can do a real entry today. Instead, I’ve been thinking about all these lists I’ve been seeing on Facebook: people have been listing their favorite foods, places they’ve lived, top movies, etc. I keep wanting to do one, but never seem to have the time. Also, my brain is continually mushy. So I figured that today, I’d do a list of my own, kind of merging a bunch of items together (mushy style) and enumerate a few things that I’m really loving right now. I’ll do nine, just because Along for The Ride is my ninth book, and I’m going to call it:

NINE OF MINE! (Things I love, right now)

1. Short-short stories. Blame my mushy brain (again) but I’m currently working my way through a galley of LONG STORY SHORT, an anthology of short-shorts by NC writers edited by Marianne Gingher that’s coming out in the fall. It’s so good, and perfect for my short attention span.

2. The Scrubs finale. Season or series, I think I’ve watched the last ten minutes or so twenty times since it aired last week. I get choked up just thinking about it.

3. The Michael Stars supima long camisole. I know it’s only May, but I think this is my summer wardrobe staple.

4. Ben Lee’s Rebirth of Venus. I can’t believe I’m not going to DC this weekend to see him. Maybe next tour. Or maybe when I’m in New York for BEA, he’ll be there, and we’ll pass on a crowded street, and then…..oh, sorry. Lost myself for a moment there.

5. Pre-wrapped cheese sticks. Protein and a snack, all to go? How can you lose? These are the only things that are keeping me from eating cupcakes every morning.

6. Cupcakes in the morning. (I didn’t say they ALWAYS worked.)

7. Following Chris Cuomo, Sam Champion and Juju Chang from GMA on Twitter. For Good Morning America geeks like me, it’s the most fun thing to know about stories before they come on, and see their reactions afterwards. Yes, I know I’m a nerd.

8. My garden. Okay, it’s really my husband’s garden, because he did most of the work. But there’s just something so soothing about seeing something growing a bit, every single day. It makes me think maybe I can do it, too. And not just because of the cupcakes.

9. This crazy, wacky wild coincidence: a book trailer, made by a library in California, features a bunch of photos that are then credited at the end. One of them is by my cousin Ben. Did they know this? I don’t think so. What are the freaking chances?

That’s my nine. What are yours?

Have a great day, everyone!

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