The Friday Five!

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1. Today is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer. Yay! I don’t know about you, but I’ll confess that I actually thought up until very recently (ahem, Wednesday) that Memorial Day weekend was NEXT weekend. I know! I’m a moron. But in my defense, doesn’t it usually fall on the last weekend of May, not the second to last? Oh, who cares. It’s a pleasant surprise and gives me one more official week of summer, and what’s not to love about that? I plan to make some deviled eggs, get a pedicure, and dangle my feet in Sasha’s plastic wading pool with my eyes closed, pretending I’m at the beach. Ahhhh. Feel that ocean breeze?

2. Thanks to everyone for the comments about my tour dates I posted on Wednesday. I know some of you were disappointed that I’m not coming to your town, or at least closer to your town. The truth is, my fab publicist, Allison, puts a LOT of work into picking where I go. There’s, like, an intricate formula based on interest from bookstores, how long I’ll agree to be away, and where it all fits in with the rest of my dates. Then she takes all that info, puts in in her magic publicist ball, and shakes it all around…..okay, maybe it’s not exactly like that. But there is rhyme and reason to all the decisions, I promise. And for those of you who asked about BEA, and whether it’s open to the public, it is not. However, we may be adding a NYC appearance later on. So stay tuned!

3. It has been a BIG week for show finales, with none bigger than Idol on Wednesday night. I’ve said here before that I stopped watching after Anoop got cut, if only because Idol is the biggest time suck since….well, The Real Housewives, which I can’t seem to quit, Anoop or no Anoop. Anyway, regardless of whether I’ve kept up or not, I can NEVER seem to resist the Idol finale, if only for the pure campiness of it all. So we turned it on, just in time to see….KISS. WHAT? My husband, who loved KISS as a kid, was flabbergasted to see them on a show he so despises. I could see his brain almost seizing up….does….not….compute! Plus you had Steve Martin playing the banjo, a rehashing of songs from my junior high school days (Time After Time, Hello….Bianca and I were texting back and forth, totally freaking out with nostalgia) and, for some reason, one of the judges in a bikini. So strange. At least it wasn’t Simon. In the end, I didn’t know who to pull for, but a lot of folks seemed surprised by the outcome. I was leaning towards Adam, if only as kudos for the boots he wore onstage with KISS. I mean, THAT took commitment. Not to mention balance.

4. Also this week, I finished my latest audiobook, Michael J. Fox’s Always Looking Up; Adventures of An Incurable Optimist. Seriously, this was just what I needed after fifteen hours on the Columbine tragedy: it was so uplifting, and funny, and it made me think, and not about bad things, either. It’s hard for me to picture Michael J. Fox without thinking of Alex P. Keaton (“Mallory!”) but he comes across as so likeable and down to earth that now I wish we could be BFFs. I already downloaded his first book, Lucky Man, to listen to next. Maybe while I have my feet in that wading pool.

5. Finally, a BIG thank you to everyone who helped Lock and Key hit The New York Times paperback bestseller list its first week out! This was just the best news, like, ever. A lot of you might be wondering why I’ve put all this push behind a book that’s already been out for a year in hardback. Well, the truth is…I always kind of felt like I didn’t give Lock and Key a fair shake. When I was writing and editing it, I was crazy and pregnant. Then when it came out, I was crazy and new-mom exhausted. The book tour was a whirlwind, complicated by my husband busting his sternum into two pieces, one of my babysitters getting in a car accident (she was fine, luckily) and it just seemed like everything was crazy, all at once. And in the wild shuffle, I just didn’t feel as invested in Lock and Key as I wanted to be. I did the best I could, and I still think it was pretty good. But ever since then, I’ve felt like I wanted to make it up to Ruby, and the book. Does that sound crazy? Probably. We writers tend to be that way. But crazy as it is, I just wanted to give the book the sendoff I WANTED to do for it last year. And I am so glad that I did. Now…onto the next one. Wheeee!

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

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