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Just a quick pause in this still-going holiday weekend to say that I hope you are all having a relaxing, enjoyable Monday. Every year I get so excited about Memorial Day weekend, because I associate it with summer starting, but on the actual day, today, I have to make myself pause and remember why we celebrate it in the first place. I think in the shuffle of summer and trips and deviled eggs it’s sometimes too easy to forget that we have this day to honor vets and those who are still serving in the armed forces, many of whom are not getting to enjoy this long weekend the way we are. So I’m taking a moment to be grateful to them. Thank you. (Edit: It has been pointed out to me in the comments that Memorial Day actually honors those who died serving their country, while Veteran’s Day is about vets and those who are currently serving. Yes, I am a moron. What would I do without you guys? But the thought still counts, I guess.)

So far, our weekend has been packed with all kinds of stuff. Lots of cooking, and good times with friends and family. But we also had a memorial service for someone who died entirely too young, and it made me think about gratitude and what is really important. It’s not work or money or stuff, but people. Those you love, and who love you. Your friends and family. The folks around you, day after day. This is what matters, and I think it can get lost in the shuffle as well. So hug the ones you love, whenever you can. It counts.

Okay, after all this deep thinking I’m off to eat some cupcakes and try NOT to think about everything I have to do before I leave for NYC and BEA later this week. All that can wait. Today is today, and today I want to eat cupcakes. I’m grateful for that, too.

Have a great day, everyone!

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