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Okay, so just ignore the time stamp on this. Yes, it’s 5:40 am. Yes, I am scrambling trying to get finally packed and ready, in the dark, while the rest of the family sleeps. But I had to stop to say this: THANK YOU. Thanks to all of you who bought Lock and Key in paperback over the last two weeks, it is now my very first NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER. Yesss! I am honestly still in shock. I was so busy yesterday that when Allison called to tell me I thought she’d just forgotten another trip detail or last minute change. But no! It’s real, I saw it myself on a PDF file. Wow. Also, whoa. Thank you all so much for supporting this book. I am beyond thrilled.

Okay, off to NYC now. If anyone can recommend a good place for breakfast in midtown, let me know. I am planning to celebrate at some point with some pancakes.

Have a great day, everyone!

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