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So I’m back from BEA and New York….and about to turn around and head out to Michigan. It’s so bizarre to not even really unpack your suitcase, you’re leaving so soon after you arrive. Especially since the last time I went out of town was, um, months ago.

Anyway. BEA was great, of course. I got to have dinner with old friends, a lunch with a new one, and got to meet a TON of readers and other authors at the show itself. BEA is a HUGE convention, and this year it was at the Javits Center, which is also huge. Here’s the lobby:

Suffice to say, lots of people, lots of books. Lots to look at. I personally saw some stormtroopers in full uniform, a huge blow up Clifford the Red Dog and, for some reason, two girls in full Vegas showgirl attire, including feathered headdresses. It was, to say the least, never dull.

People always think that it’s funny how much I still worry about no one showing up for my events. But the truth is, I—-like a lot of authors—have MANY stories about doing readings and signings when there were literally, like, three people there and two of them came with me. The other either worked at the bookstore, or was crazy or just cold/hot/tired and wanted a nice place to sit for a spell. (As we say in the South.) And it’s not just years ago that this happened. During my tour for Just Listen, when I regularly had at least 70 people at my events, I did one in my own state that only drew 10 people. Yep, 10. The bookstore people were not happy.

So, anyway. I worry. I worried in the author green room, where sadly Allison and I did not see KRS-ONE or Craig Ferguson or anybody else we recognized. I worried as we walked past all the other tables, with their big lines. I worried all the way until I sat down at my table and got settled, seeing there were in fact some people waiting. Then the woman helping us said, “You’ve got a BIG line.” It turns out this was true. I signed and signed and signed. And then, when the time was up, we had to cut the line and head up to the Penguin booth, where I signed and signed and signed until every book was gone. In the end, I signed about 300 books total. It was a wonderful thing. Which is not to say that at the next thing, I won’t worry. But this time at least, it was in vain.

There were also cocktail parties, and lots of schmoozing, and catching up with folks. I wish I’d taken more pictures, but everything was so hectic that I just didn’t. I can offer these, though. Here’s me with Viking author Susane Colasanti, who was kind enough to take me to a great NYC diner for lunch AND help me navigate my way to the Penguin booth:

And here I am with super famous authors Ally Carter, E. Lockhart and Sara Zarr:

So it was really fun. But of course, I missed my baby, and my husband. And, weirdly enough, my house. Normally I love being in New York, with all the bustle and people and, um, shopping. But I guess we’ve been homebodies for so long, and everything’s so green and blooming here, that I found myself spending a lot of time looking out the window at the bit of trees I could find:

Ahh. That’s nice. It held me over until I got back here, where there are trees and green all around me. I’ve been kind of soaking it in.

This afternoon, I’m off to Michigan to tape a really cool event for Borders. Then, back home for a little while before the REAL ride begins on June 16th. Until then, I can share THIS really cool thing that we filmed a few months ago. If you look close, you’ll catch a glimpse of my husband. I’ll let you guess where:

Have a great day, everyone!

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