The Friday Five!

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1. Tomorrow, I turn 39. THIRTY-NINE. My God, how did THAT happen? It seems like I just turned thirty. Or even twenty. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess, or maybe it just flies. I know that next year will be my year to really freak out, so this birthday seems like a gift already, even without the amazing blog series Adele is doing over on her site, The Sarah Dessen Diarist. To be honest, it’s been a little hard for me to read all these nice entries from such awesome authors. I feel like it is entirely too narcissistic. But at the same time, it’s so flattering, and I just want to thank everyone who took the time to participate. I wish I could send you all a cupcake, or something. I’ll work on that for next year.

2. My life, lately, had involved a lot of tea parties. I bought my daughter a basic tea set as a gift early this week, on a whim, and now she is totally obsessed with it. It’s not enough to just have a tea party. Oh, no. We have to have a tea party, on the deck, with EVERY SINGLE stuffed animal and toy she owns. Plus all her plastic food and books. It’s quite a production, and she won’t let me carry a single thing back inside until she’s ready. Is this neurotic? Am I even surprised? Maybe, and no. And I have to say, with all the craziness of life lately—good craziness, but craziness just the same—-sometimes an impromptu al fresco tea party with various plush animals is just what you need. Pass the sugar bowl!

3. Okay, so with all my favorite Bravo shows either on break or gone entirely, I’m forced to watch the watered down versions. So now, I’m all about The Fashion Show and Chopped. The Fashion Show I’ve already discussed—love Isaac, feel like everyone else is a bit too much like everyone I’ve already seen on Project Runway—but Chopped, on the Food Channel, is at least a little different. Four chefs, three courses, one left standing. All in one hour! I love to see what people can do with chorizo and cocktail onions under pressure. I’d panic, but these folks somehow make a risotto, or some saute, and call it gourmet. Wow. Plus, I gotta love a show about food. It’s like, required.

4. I’ve discussed here before how I do not photograph well. It is only through luck and great skill of other people that I can EVER get a good shot of myself. Want proof? This morning, I’m scrolling through a PW roundup of BEA pictures, and am shocked to see one of myself signing at the Penguin booth. Not surprising? That I look like this:

I mean, really. I look like I’m about to lunge forward and consume fab YA novelist Robyn Schneider, who I am talking to. Oh, well. At least the book looks good.

5. Finally, I’ve been hearing from a few folks who, somehow, have already been shipped their copies of Along for the Ride. I THINK they’re supposed to hold them until the 16th, but I guess a few are slipping through. So far, people have good things to say, which is a really good thing. I’m actually kind of glad for all the chaos of the birthday, and getting ready to travel, and just the regular craziness of my life in general. It means I don’t have time to engage in my pre-pub rituals, like, um, middle of the night panic attacks, and obsessive Amazon ranking checking and lying on the floor, convinced I am about to fail globally, on every possible level. You know, the usual stuff. Not that I won’t do some of this. It’s unavoidable. But at least for now, I have other stuff calling me. Like a very important party, already in progress:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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