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I write this at the end of a LOVELY birthday weekend, one full of family and friends and good times. And baked goods. LOTS of baked goods. My mother in law made me a gorgeous red velvet cake, my husband got me a supermarket birthday cake (I love me some supermarket cake, as non-gourmet as that sounds). My mother made me blueberry muffins AND gave me a supermarket cake sampler. Do they know me or what? What I know is that none of my cute book stuff wardrobe will fit if I eat even HALF of what I was given, even with the amount of calories pre-pub book stress can burn. So if you know me and are local, be prepared for a cake slice or muffin gift, soon. Spread the wealth, right?

Although my birthday was wonderful, there was one bad moment. One of my mother’s friends just got a new Macbook and wanted me to help her sync it with her iPhone. I said I’d try, and went over feeling pretty confident about my technical abilities. Until I, um, accidently erased ALL her phone contacts. Whoops. Double whoops. I was SWEATING I was so upset. In the end, I was able to at least find the file on her phone with a backup of the info, although it was all in some kind of coded gobbledy gook database language (I think that’s the technical term, anyway). It’s my hope I can go to the Apple Store with her and beg them to help us get it back on the phone. If not, I will just feel guilty for, um, eternity. Suffice to say I am out of the tech support business, except for my own machines. I have learned my lesson.

To ease the stress, I decided to honor my 39th year with a new purse. (Don’t look at me like that: I already admitted I love supermarket cake and stink at Apple stuff!) Anyway, I went to Nordstrom armed with birthday money, and found one I loved. It’s big, roomy and has everything I need. And it is ORANGE. Yes! Me, who used to never be able to wear shoes that were not black or brown because of my matchy-matchy thing, is now the owner of a tangerine colored purse. I really liked it, but was wavering, and then the salesgirl came over. I said, “I don’t have anything this will match. If it even matches anything.” And she said, “Because it goes with nothing, it goes with everything.” Which was deep, for Nordstrom at least. So I went for it. And you know what? It’s kind of freeing, just outright clashing with everything. Not as freeing as losing all your phone contacts. But it is one less thing to worry about.

Finally, here’s a cool little thing Penguin put together for Along for the Ride. I have no idea what it’s called—moving text? animation?—but then again, I am no technical genius. As we all know, now:

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Have a great day, everyone!

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