The Friday Five!

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I’m hearing from more and more people that they are finding Along for the Ride at their local bookstores. But see? They’re not supposed to be out yet! I know it stinks for those of you who have to wait, and for that, I apologize. Soon, though:

2. Speaking of Along for the Ride, my friend Susane Colasanti is having a contest over on her blog. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. Which, now that I think about it, is MUCH easier than, you know, taking a picture and editing it to add text. Hmmmm. I think next time I run a contest, I will keep it simple. Susane has the right idea! Anyway, if you’re interested, go check it out.

3. I’m into simplicity lately. Okay, let me rephrase that: I’m into TRYING to keep things simple. I have a natural tendency (and always have) to make things complicated. I am drawn to it, as if magnetically. If there is a clear straight line someplace, I will invent my own zigzag and, even worse, justify it completely to anyone who will listen. Let’s say we’re invited to a potluck but we’re crazy busy and don’t really have time to cook. My husband will say, fine, let’s hit Whole Foods and grab something. But I feel like that’s lame, and have that need for complication, so instead I’ll either 1) go to Whole Foods, buy something to bring and, then, feeling bad about it, buy something to make as well, doing twice as much as I need or 2) not only buy stuff to make something, but make something ridiculously complicated. Why do I do this? I don’t know. It’s taken me thirty-nine years to realize the ridiculousness of it. I don’t have to do EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. I can just do SOME THINGS and try to DO THEM WELL. (Can you tell I repeat this to myself, like, a lot?) There is no shame in bringing a pint of pre-made potato salad. Nobody cares but me! (I think. I hope. See? There I go again!)

4. So I’m not proud, but I’ve spent the last couple of days pretty much immersed in reruns of The Real Housewives. My husband’s been too busy with other stuff to care what I watch, so I’m totally catching up on the Atlanta season, which I missed. All I can say, so far, is this: I didn’t even KNOW there was such a thing as a “shoe stylist.” Did you? Someone who comes to your house, with shoes, for you to try on and buy? And here I am feeling guilty that I have a regular weekend babysitter sometimes. I guess it’s all relative. The shoes sure were cute, though. But whoa, $6500 for less than six pairs? Like I said: a different world. One thing you can say about these women is they are NOT into simplicity. But to each his own, and all that.

5. I’ve written here before about how I’m on an audio book thing, listening to various books on my iPod. There was the Columbine book (great but really heavy) then two by Michael J. Fox (incredibly uplifting) and now I’ve moved onto Tori Spelling’s latest, Mommywood. Can I just say that I love Tori that much more since her books and reality show? When I only knew her as Donna Martin, I felt there was no way I could relate to her. But in her books, and on her show, she’s so funny and self deprecating. And with this book, oh, my God. I’ve always said I love an honest Mom, one who will tell you that her days are hard and she has her breakdown moments, and Tori is one of these. The story in her new book about how she was out with both kids, in a dark parking garage, running way late, and could NOT fold up her double stroller to save her life had me laughing out loud. A lot of people wouldn’t admit that they actually abandoned the stroller and just left. But she does, and for that, she wins even more of my respect. Donna Martin has graduated!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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