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Book comes out tomorrow. Tons of stuff happening. You know what that means:

Some people bite their nails. Others eat junk food. Me, I make deviled eggs when I’m stressed out. It’s better than smoking, right?

The eggs above were from a cookout we had this weekend, where I also tasted friend green tomatoes for the very first time. I know what you are thinking. Aren’t you from the South? And don’t people there eat fried green tomatoes, like, all the time? Well, yes and no. First off, I am a Southerner, but my parents are not. Which means I didn’t even taste grits until I was about ten years old and was offered them at someone’s house for breakfast after a sleepover. And second, even while I have been here eating grits and barbecue and everything else, I haven’t come across fried green tomatoes many times. But then on Saturday, my friends Jason and Blaine brought a full plate of them, still warm, and we DEVOURED them. They were so good. I think I may have to add them to my stress cooking repertoire. Mmmmm….

But I digress. The book! Right! So, yes. After all these months of waiting, it officially hits stores tomorrow. Tomorrow night, I’ll also be doing my very first official event, at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham, at 7pm. I’ll be at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh on Thursday night at 7:30, then I’m off to California for a bunch of rapid-fire events there. You can get the full list on my news page. Some are ticketed events, as noted, so call your local stores for more info.

Okay, so I just HAD to edit this entry after I posted it because the Borders Book Club I did in Michigan earlier this month is NOW UP! Check it out by clicking here. (We do discuss a lot of the book, so if you don’t want to know anything, wait until after you read it.) I am so happy that my bra strap is NOT showing. Hooray!

In other news, there was a nice piece on Along for the Ride (and me) in Sunday’s News and Observer. You can check it out here. I felt so bad for the guy who came to take my picture for this piece. I was crazy nervous, for some reason, and even more unphotogenic than normal. He tried to get me to relax by taking off my shoes:

I still think I look like a nervous, grinning wreck. TOTALLY not his fault. I’m sorry again, John!

Also this weekend, after egg and tomato eating, we were all sitting on the couch surfing channels. First we watched a little Charm School—which is getting more ridiculous by the second, although I feel ridiculous saying that—and then kept surfing. Suddenly, there it was, on HBO Family: Airplane! Now, I twittered about this on Saturday night, saying that either you know about Airplane, or you don’t. Which is to say, you either know all the jokes by heart, or you have no freaking idea what other people are talking about when they recite them. Jason and Blaine, our friends, are a bit younger, so they didn’t know the movie as well as the rest of us, who were just going crazy laughing and rewinding and telling the jokes BEFORE they were even said (obnoxious, I know, but at least we were among friends). Sure enough, when I checked my replies on Twitter, there they were: “Don’t call me Shirley!” and “I have a drinking problem,” (not funny in most circumstances, but funny in this one) “Roger, roger,” and on and on. I taped it on the DVR so I can watch it whenever I want, and I have a feeling I might be turning it on for the entire day tomorrow. So no matter how crazy it gets, I can still be laughing. While making deviled eggs and eating fried green tomatoes. The life of a professional author. Who knew?

Have a great day, everyone!

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