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So I had, like, the best pub day ever. First, there were ALL the nice comments people posted here, about how excited they were to read the book. Then, I had a busy morning and a great lunch at my favorite Carrboro sandwich place, Neale’s Deli. (Turkey sub, sweet peppers, potato chips=heaven, seriously.) Then it was a flurry of emails and phone calls and tea parties (gotta do the tea parties) before I headed out to the Regulator.

I was nervous. I am ALWAYS nervous before readings, but with this one I think it showed, especially when I was trying to set up my reading. I went on too long and said “sort of” about a million times. (Can you tell I’m a little self-critical?) Anyway, the crowd was SO GREAT that hopefully they didn’t mind. There were a TON of people there (thank God!) and a bunch of my friends and family, and seeing all those familiar faces just took the nerves away.

(I am almost postive I am saying “sort of,” in this picture. It’s my new “you know,” I think. Uh-oh.)

After the reading, I signed a TON of books (thanks to everyone who was so patient and waited in that long, long line) met a girl who had driven from Ohio (and was wearing a USWIM T-shirt!) and enlisted my assistant Parker, who thought she was just coming to observe, to take pictures for people. She jumped right in to help, which is why she rocks:

When it was all done, I gathered up all my stuff, said my goodbyes, and drove home VERY slowly, as I saw about a million deer on the way. (Welcome to summer in NC!) Back at home, I walked in, pulled off my book tour shoes, and what was waiting for me?

That’s right. CUPCAKES. From Bliss Bakery here in Chapel Hill, which is AMAZING, courtesy of my friends at Penguin. (The flowers were from my husband to celebrate pub day, because he is just that awesome.) Even more amazing? My husband had somehow managed to not break into them, so they’d be untouched when I got home. I’m not sure I would have had that kind of self-discipline. Suffice to say, they are not longer untouched. YUM!

Before I went to bed, I was so thrilled to read the Twitter updates and comments here and on Facebook from everyone who had gotten the book and was already reading it. I am so glad you like it! That is a huge relief, and makes all this hard work so, so worth it. Thank you.

Okay, another busy day begins. With cupcakes, though. CUPCAKES!

Have a great day, everyone!

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