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Just a quick Saturday entry to say that I have been FLOORED by the amount of people that have been coming out to my events. At Quail Ridge on Thursday, I had close to 200 people. Last night in Huntington Beach, about 200 as well. WHAT? That is so crazy, I can’t even tell you. And everyone is just so sweet and excited and WILLING to stand in this crazy long line to get their book signed. I feel so badly, like we should be providing entertainment or something while they wait. Jugglers? Fire-eaters? Dancing dogs? Maybe next tour.

Truly, though, I am really touched by how into the books so many of these readers are. It’s gets me kind of….verklempt, to be honest. To see how people have connected with characters and ideas that I came up with in my own head…well, it’s really something. I’ve seen a LOT of cool stuff the last couple of days and heard some great stories. But this in particular just of blew me away last night:

This girl had JUST gotten this tattoo. In case you can’t read it—it’s a little blurry, totally my fault—it says “Don’t think or judge. Just listen.” Wow. Like I said, it kind of chokes me up.

Yesterday was CRAZY, but so much fun. Up at 4;45, to airport, then landing and doing three events in a row before collapsing at my hotel at around 1am my time. I did get to see my cousin Rachel, though, which made it all good. (Nice to finally meet you, Rachelle!) But I got some sleep and am about to have some bacon (which really solves everything, at least where I am from) I am ready to tackle the NEXT phase: events today in La Jolla and Petaluma. Check out my news page for more details.

Okay, time to eat. Gotta keep up my strength….

Have a great day, everyone!

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