Happy Father’s Day!

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I’m here in San Francisco, where it is VERY early but sunny and lovely, but I am really missing my husband. I mean, it’s Father’s Day. I should be there fixing him breakfast and helping Sasha make a big messy crayoned-up card and just kind of making the big fuss that he deserves. We will do it when I get back. Maybe even breakfast for dinner, which is his favorite. Yum!

Yesterday was a long, CRAZY day, but so much fun. I was up super early in Huntington Beach, then drove down to La Jolla for what was supposed to be an outside beach party and fashion show for Warwick’s Bookstore. But it was raining. Which is an anomaly, because it NEVER rains in California, apparently. My brother kept apologizing, as if he was responsible for his region: “It never rains like this here. Never!” It was not 100 degrees with 100% humidity, though, like at home (hello my sweltering NC peeps!) so I was happy. The event was moved inside, there was a fashion show (great wedge sandals I was coveting big time) and then I read and signed books. The only downside was that my schedule was SO tight I didn’t get to talk to people as much as I wanted to. Which brings me to my next issue.

In La Jolla, there was this girl named Nicole. She was 10, and adorably sweet, and had brought ALL her books for me to sign. Because everyone was so worried about me making my flight, though, I only had time to sign two and it was rushed and I just felt so, so badly I didn’t get to spend more time talking to her, because she was clearly the biggest fan, like, ever. I even went looking for her after the event was done, in hopes of signing those books, but she’d already gone. I have NO idea if she reads this blog. But I hope she does. Nicole, if you’re reading this, I am so, so sorry I didn’t get to sign the rest of the books. Your enthusiasm was awesome and I was so touched. And thank your dad, too, for bringing you. You guys were the best.

Then, it was off to the airport (rushing through a huge Southwest line, and security) and onto a plane to Oakland. I was hoping to just close my eyes and rest before my next event, but I ended up next to this kid who was traveling alone and of course we had to start talking. Spent most of the flight looking out the window with him at the cool scenery below. So, no rest until we landed, where I crashed out for the whole ride to Copperfield’s in Petaluma. Power nap! Then it was out of the car and directly into this VERY cool event with pie and bike tricks and lots of great readers. (Side note: the boys who they brought in to do the bike tricks were so cool that I felt like a total dork talking to them. Seriously. I have video of them that I will post later, you will see what I mean.) Anyway, there was a GREAT crowd and everyone was so sweet. I love Petaluma and always wish I could stay longer because it looks like the most fun place to hang out. But instead, once it was done, it was BACK to San Fran, where I ate a huge plate of mac and cheese from room service and then collapsed. Whew!

Today, I get some time this morning, then I’m off to a ticketed event at 1 at Books Inc (which I believe is sold out) and then an event at 4pm at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland. Then, to the airport for the red eye flight. And then…home. To my husband and my girl and my dogs.

….at least until Thursday. When I head off again to do the East Coast leg of this tour. It looks like we couldn’t work in a New York date (maybe later) but I’ll be in Connecticut and then in Vero Beach and Miami in Florida. But I honestly can’t think about that yet. All I can think about is breakfast. I’m in San Francisco, which is famous for its food. I have a feeling I can get a good pancake here. Off to look….

Have a great day, everyone!

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