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Just a VERY quick entry to say that I got home early yesterday morning, after not sleeping on the red-eye much. I honestly felt like I’d been hit by a truck I was so tired. But then we pulled up at the house, and there was my husband and the baby and the dogs and it was all good. More than good! Plus, thanks to super babysitters Erika and Krysta, I got to go back to sleep, Ah, sleep. It’s a good thing.

Now, I’m here for a few days before I take off for events in Connecticut and Florida. Which gives me time to….well, sort of get caught up. Or try to, anyway. What I really want to do, though, is have some tea parties and, um, sleep. Did I mention sleep is a good thing?

I have to give BIG thanks to everyone who came out to see me in California. I met the coolest readers, and it was so nice to get some face time (even if it was fleeting) with people who love my books. So far, it seems like folks are really happy with Along for the Ride, and that makes me really, really happy.

The trip was so hectic, I didn’t have a chance to get many pictures. Luckily, though, other folks brought their cameras. You can see pics from my great Books Inc lunch event by clicking here and from my event at A Great Good Place for Books at Jake the Girl’s blog here. You can also check out my Facebook page if you want to see the TON of photos readers have posted (including a couple of my book tour shoes).

Now, I have to go and TRY to get some stuff done before I turn around and leave again. Grocery store, dry cleaning, tea parties, phone interviews, tea parties. SLEEPING. And repeat….

Have a great day, everyone!

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