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Along for the Ride is NUMBER ONE on the NYT Bestseller list!!!!!!

I can’t believe it. I mean, I literally can’t. I’ve been on the phone talking to people for over an hour now and it still hasn’t really hit me. I am SO, SO grateful to all of you for your support, for buying the book and coming out to events. My cup runneth over, truly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I actually got the news via a conference call from my publisher. They were screaming and jumping up and down, I was screaming and jumping up and down, while my daughter watched me from the sandbox, confused. It’s just….it’s a dream come true. Really. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

Tomorrow, I head off for the Along for the Ride Book Tour, part two. Tomorrow night, I’ll be at RJ Julia in Madison, CT. It’s an event you have to have reservations for—I think—and you can get info by calling the store at 203-245-3959. Then, on Friday, I have TWO events in Florida. One in Vero Beach, at Mulligan’s Beach House at 1pm (call The Vero Beach Book Center at 772-569-6650 for details) and then at 8pm at the Books and Books in Coral Gables (call 305-444-9044 for info on that one). Then it’s back home. Until I head off for vacation next week. But that will be relaxing. Right? Anyway, for more info, check out my news page.

In other news, I was SO TOTALLY pumped that my book was featured on EW.com’s Popwatch. I have written here before about how I am pretty much obsessed with EW, and have been a subscriber for years. So this is pretty much a dream come true. Hooray!

I wish I had more time to celebrate, but I have to pack. I swear I am so scattered these days I can’t remember anything, so packing is like an extreme sport. I ALWAYS bring too much, and yet still manage to forget something. On the last trip, it was band-aids (always necessary when wearing new book tour shoes) and almonds (required when you sometimes don’t get to eat for hours on end). This time, I will remember those things. But what will I forget? Something, for sure.

OH MY GOD. Number one? Really? REALLY?

More from the tour when I have time to update. Thanks again, everyone!

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