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I’m writing this from the Miami airport, which is, in a word, total chaos. That’s one thing I have been reminded of during this last couple of weeks of traveling: airports are NUTS. It just doesn’t matter where you are or how big or small, there is just a sense of total wildness to the entire process of flying. And I don’t even have a toddler in tow. That’s NEXT week.

But for now, I’m heading home after three GREAT events on this latest leg of the Along for the Ride book tour. First, I was at RJ Julia in Connecticut, which was FANTASTIC. So many people turned out, including several folks from my publisher, who braved, like, hours of traffic after a long work day, and I am so grateful to them for that. The readers were excited, the store was fantastic AND they served Fritos with their sandwiches. FRITOS! You know how much I like Fritos, and where are they the default chip accessory? Hardly anywhere. So this was especially awesome. Plus one reader brought me a cupcake, which I ate in the car on the way back to the hotel. Nice.

The next morning, I was up at 4:30 am (!) to catch my flight to Orlando. I actually stayed at a hotel that was literally RIGHT at the Hartford airport. I don’t mean close, or nearby. It was AT THE AIRPORT. I opened the shades in the morning, and right outside, there were planes and gates. You took a left from the hotel lobby and you were in the terminal. So bizarre. But handy, especially so early in the am when I was barely even functioning.

I flew to Orlando, then rode with my fab media escort to Vero Beach, where The Vero Beach Book Center had planned a luncheon at this local burger place on the beach. It was SO cool: burgers and cool readers and a cake with the Along for the Ride cover on it. Plus, the best french fries I have had in awhile. (Do you sense yet that I am NOT going to fit into my bathing suit on my vacation next week? Yeah, me too.) After that event, it was back in the car for a drive to Miami, where Books and Books in Coral Gables had a Teen Band night with an afterprom theme, along with my reading. I got to hang out with the gals from YAthenaeum, who asked me random questions that of course threw me for a loop. Who would play me in the movie of my life? I blanked and said Kirsten Bell, and she doesn’t even look like me. Then I said Mandy Moore, I don’t even know why. Clearly, at the end of a book tour, I do not think all that well on my feet.

The event, though, was great. PACKED and I got to meet so many cool readers, take pictures, and Books and Books is such a great store, I wish I’d had more time to hang around. Instead, though, I got to go out for a great sushi dinner with my cousin Michael. I can’t think of a better way to wrap things up. Except for maybe waking up at my gorgeous hotel this morning and having a huge breakfast knowing I don’t have to go anywhere but home today. For now, though, the terminal. Chaos. But I don’t even care, honestly.

I just have say again how grateful I am to ALL of you for your support of Along for the Ride. These last couple of weeks have been a mad blur, and I still haven’t fully processed that the book hit number on the NYT List (with Lock and Key at #2 on the paperback list!). It’s insane and wonderful and makes all this crazy traveling so, so worthwhile. If you didn’t get out for an event, stay tuned. We’re hoping to add a couple more dates, maybe on in DC, maybe one in New York City, if someone will have me. I will keep you posted!

Okay, almost time to board. I hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you again.

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