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I did not plan on updating so soon—I’m supposed to be relaxing, vacationing, and all that good stuff—but I just can’t help myself. My book was just on the GMA teen summer reading segment! Regular readers of this blog know I am a total GMA nerd, so this was BIG. Even better, I watched it at my parents’ house with about ten of my extended family in attendance. Last year, Lock and Key made the segment, but only in the background as set decoration. But Along for the Ride actually got discussed! I am just so, so happy.

Oh and also, there’s this:

Which is just too crazy to even talk about. But I mean, WHOA. People will actually be riding in this thing, like, soon. They might be already! Holy crap, that’s insane.

Okay, I’ve got to go relax now. (No pressure, right?) We had a LONG day of traveling yesterday, a couple of meltdowns in the terminal (baby, not me) and then Elmo and Sesame Street got us through the flight. Landed in Boston, husband’s cell phone went dead, detour to Sprint Store, and ensuing chaos. It’s always something, right? But now, it’s this thing, right here. Gotta go enjoy the view:

Have a great day, everyone!

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