Super Quick Vacation Friday Five!

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1. I’m writing this from my dad’s computer, as my parents try to corral my daughter and feed her a banana in the next room. It is family vacation chaos, which is a nice chaos, if a bit….chaotic. I wasn’t sure I would even try to update while I was here, but it IS the weekend of the Fourth, so I felt I had to. I mean, someone out there is making deviled eggs this weekend besides me, right? It’s a must.

2. Speaking of musts—love that transition, right?—I am hearing that Along for the Ride made EW’s Must List for this week. Regular readers of this column know that I have subscribed to EW pretty much since they began, and seeing my book mentioned or reviewed has been a serious goal of mine and, by proxy, my publicist Allison. Thanks to Allison, we made it! I think. I have not seen it yet (I am sure my issue is sitting in my mailbox at home, but I am here) and I have learned to not believe anything until I actually see it. But a few of you have reported that YOU have seen it, and I trust you. I do! After all, we make deviled eggs together.

3. In other book news, Along for the Ride dropped to number two this week, bumped by Lauren Conrad’s book LA Candy, which I have not yet read. I actually haven’t even finished the magazine I started BEFORE I left….such is family vacation chaos. I am so tired that I collapse at the end of the day without even getting through an entire article (in US Weekly, no less!) which is just plain sad. But I am so happy the book had a number one debut, and is hanging in there. I mean, I’m not on MTV. I’m not an enemy of Speidi or super fashionable. I’m just some dork from NC, but I still managed to hang with the big guys. Or girls, in this case. It’s all good. Also good? Lock and Key AND Just Listen were also on the paperback NYT List. Thanks again to everyone for the support, you guys rock.

4. This IS the weekend of the Fourth, one of my favorite holidays. I am surrounded by family—cousins, aunts, uncles, children running EVERYWHERE—on this little strip of land on Cape Cod, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday. Also I miss my Chapel Hill friends, with whom we WOULD be watching the beginning of the Tour and doing fireworks, if we weren’t here. Maybe the Fourth is one of thos holidays you can stretch out, the way some people do Christmas? Or birthdays? I know Laurie Halse Anderson has been extending June, so I think maybe I can swing a two week holiday. Wouldn’t hurt to try, at any rate.

5. Finally, a thank you. A woman came through my line at BEA to get a book signed, and I don’t remember her name, but she said she read this blog and had small children herself, and she felt my pain at how much I hated Barney. She suggested Yo Gabba Gabba, a how on Nickelodeon or Nick Jr, and said her kids loved it. On a whim, at Target before leaving, I picked up a DVD of this crazy, trippy show, and it has TOTALLY saved me during the three straight days of rain we just had. Thank you, mystery mom whose name I can’t remember. Thank you, thank you. I know you of all people can understand how hard it is to be trapped in a vacation house in a downpour with a restless toddler. Say it with me: Yo Gabba Gabba!

I hope you all have a fabulous, fun and safe holiday weekend. Or week. Or two weeks!

Have a great day, everyone!