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I’ve been home for two days now, and I am FINALLY beginning to feel like I’m settling in. For the first twenty-four hours, it was all about feeling scattered: clothes everywhere, errands to run, lists of things I’d been ignoring since pub day, and still waking up in the middle of the night thinking I was in a hotel someplace. But now, I’m beginning to feel like I’m here and I’m staying here and it’s all good. But I still need sleep, and lots of it. Zzzzz…..

There’s still stuff to do, but it’s all manageable stuff. Like pick tomatoes and make spaghetti sauce, and somehow purge a bunch of my daughter’s toys and stuffed animals when she’s not paying attention (the clutter is…overwhelming). I want to look through all my ALA pictures so I can try to remember all the cool stuff I did (can you tell it was hectic?) and answer emails I’ve been let pile up for ages. I was in the drugstore yesterday and was shocked to see they already had all their back to school stuff out. WHAT? The summer isn’t over, is it? I haven’t even been here, hardly! As far as I am concerned, I still have a month and a half left of my favorite season. It’s only HALF over, even if the pencils and folders are already emerging. I refuse to believe otherwise.

I mean, how can it be the end of summer when Entourage is only just beginning? This show has been one of my favorites since Sex and the City ended, when I used it to fill the void left when there were no more fresh episodes of Carrie and Co. Plus, there’s Weeds (which has taken kind of a dark turn I am hoping will pass soon) and my current favorite, My Life on the D-List, which is better than ever this season. Only Kathy Griffin can make me actually enjoy watching Paris Hilton. Yes, I said it. Shoot me now. But that episode with her and Paris was really, really good.

Oh, God, I am so shallow. I really feel like I need to cut down on my TV stuff. Laurie Halse Anderson pointed out at one of our readings together that it’s the first advice she gives to people who want to write. Turn off the TV! And I think it is good advice. But I just….I can’t. Not that I’ve tried. But really, no TV? Ever? Not even Yo Gabba Gabba? Or Top Chef Masters? I mean, that show might as well be on PBS, right? I think if I was going to quit TV (and I should, I should) I’d have to do it in serious re-run season, when there was nothing good on. But the thing is, there’s ALWAYS something on I will watch. I mean, Dirty Dancing and Center Stage are on at any given moment, somewhere. It makes it hard to be virtuous. But maybe, when summer’s over, I’ll try. At least I have stopped watching Charm School. That’s a good first step, right?

Before I can REALLY relax into my second half of summer, though, I have one more thing to do. I’m having this little surgery tomorrow, totally outpatient, but it is surgery and it’s been hanging over me for weeks now, so I’m so ready to get it over with. I honestly think it’s the universe’s way of making me finally slow down, so I’m going to take heed and take a little break from the blogging while I recover and rest up. So no Friday Five this week, sorry about that. I plan to be back, all relaxed and rested, on Monday. If you can spare a good thought for me on Thursday, I’d appreciate it. See you next week!

Have a great day, everyone!

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