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So, as some of you might have already read, my day outpatient surgery did not go QUITE as planned. I went in thinking I’d be out in forty-five minutes, then sent home. Instead, I woke up to find out they were putting me in an ambulance to take me to the hospital for observation and a blood transfusion. As they don’t like to say in the medical profession: whoops! Apparently I started bleeding during the surgery, although no one is quite able to say why. I can tell you that it was scary and unsettling and not at all how I expected things to go. I was in the hospital Thursday and most of Friday, but thankfully back here at home in my own bed by Friday night. Still, not fun.

Regular readers will know how SICK of the hospital I am, considering that my husband just did a stint there last summer, and I was hoping to steer clear of the place for, oh, I don’t know, the next few years or so. Instead, unexpectedly, I found myself in one of those embarrassing backless gowns, with three IVs sticking out of me, in a room just like the one I was in when I had my daughter. The nurses were nice. The view was nice. But man, I did NOT want to be there. I mean, I had kept saying I needed to sleep, and wanted a chance to just do that and nothing else. But this was not how I wanted that to happen.

Anyway, I’m home now, and have no choice but to rest. Doctor’s orders! Also, I am not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds for two weeks, which, with a clingy toddler, is almost laughable. But I am trying. Thank god for my cousin Barb, who came to our rescue right away, and to all my babysitters, who are filling in to do stuff I can’t. I don’t know what we would have done without them, seriously.

I was so tired in the hospital I honestly did not much but doze (actually sleeping in a hospital is impossible, as they have to come check on you, like, constantly) but occasionally I would turn on the TV and try to focus on it. I guess this was the wrong week to try to give up TV, or reality TV at least, because I managed to get totally sucked into 16 and Pregnant on MTV. Whoa, this show is intense. I only saw two episodes, but I found myself talking back to the TV, like I was at Rocky Horror or something. “Oh, no, that won’t work,” I’d cluck, or “Yeah, RIGHT.” Maybe it was the Percocet, but I was invested in these girls and their lives. Now, of course, I have to watch the reunion show this week, to see how everyone turned out. But without the Percocet it might be less enjoyable. I guess I’ll find out.

There’s something about having surgery, and a transfusion, that makes everything seem sort of….blurry. Like I realized yesterday that a week ago I was still in Chicago at ALA. That seems like MONTHS ago, honestly. In fact, the last month or so of book tour and appearances all seems like kind of a dream. Again, it might be the drugs. But it did happen, right? I met you all in Huntington Beach, and Naperville, and Miami, right? I have the pictures to prove it, fortunately. And I’m sure once I am rested up, and back to myself, it will all seem real again.

Luckily, I still have ONE more book event to do and this one I intend to savor. It’s at McIntyre’s Fine Books and Bookends, in Pittsboro NC, this coming Saturday the 25th at 11am. (Call 919 542-3030 for details.) It’s my last local reading for a little while, and in a GREAT bookstore, so please come out if you can. I promise not to talk about my hospital travails OR 16 and Pregnant. (Okay, maybe I can’t promise. But I will do my best.)

Okay, I have to get off the computer now. One of my pledges to get better is less internet, and more sleep. I have been asleep more than awake since I got discharged, truly. It’s like having mono all over again! Fun, fun, fun……

Have a great day, everyone!

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