The Friday Five!

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1. Okay, so I wasn’t sure I’d even get to a Five this week, due to the fact that I had to go to the ER yesterday and it threw me off kilter. I’m fine, just went as a precaution, but still. I was SUPPOSED to be at the spa at that same time, finally cashing in the gift certificate my husband gave me for my birthday for a massage, facial and pedicure. Instead, I’m in the ER, with another IV in. Honestly. I’m fine, though, really. And on the plus side, I brought Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever (now a NUMBER ONE NYT BESTSELLER!) which I hadn’t even started, and got more than halfway through it. Yay for time to read! Even if the circumstances are not exactly ideal.

2. I am so behind on the Tour de France, it’s sick. Between traveling and then all this medical stuff, I’ve barely been able to watch anything, and now I hear that Lance is in third place and may never catch up to Contador. My first thought was, “Of course he will! He’s Lance!” but my second was, well, what’s wrong with third? Pretty good for being out of the game for awhile. And if you give it all you have, your best shot, does it really matter which number you are? (Of course, I’ve been number two on the NYT list for the last few weeks, so maybe I’ve given this a bit of thought already.) Anyway. I will watch, and be proud of Lance, regardless, whether he is three or seventeen.

3. You might have thought I was kidding about my medical cleansing ritual, and maybe I kind of was. But after yesterday, I am seriously going to light my smudge stick (I know, so crunchy, right?) and walk around the house with it. As my former colleague and boss at UNC, Bland Simpson, would say, “Out, demon!” Amen to that. So what if my house smells like a dirty hippie? No matter.

4. Hopefully, I will NOT smell like a dirty hippie when I read at McIntyre’s Fine Books tomorrow, Saturday, at 11am. Also, I hope to not have visible IV marks and be back in my normal form. It’s my last local gig for awhile, and I know it will be a blast. Even if I have to sit down while I read. Anyway, come out if you can. You can hold your nose while I sign your book. I promise I won’t be offended.

5. Finally, folks who follow me on Twitter know that I was really stuck recently because I SO wanted to buy Peter Gabriel’s “Book of Love,” which was in the season finale of Scrubs. I downloaded the episode onto my Ipod Touch, and when I was traveling and homesick, I’d watch it , because it reminded me of my husband and I watching the show together. And this clip…it’s just so, so sweet. Maybe I’m just emotional from all the stuff that’s been going on (entirely possible) but I just needed this song. It was only available on a full album, but I splurged and got it anyway. You, though, can hear it right here. MIght want to keep a kleenex handy:

Have a great day, everyone.

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