Ah, memories.

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Is it too early to be nostalgic for my book tour? Probably. But I had my last local event for a little while this weekend, and it just got me thinking, again, about the whirlwind of the last month and a half or so. Join me, will you, for a trip down short-term memory lane….

All book tours, or my book tours, begin with shoes:

First stop was New York, for BEA and a view of the park:

While at BEA, I met super cool authors and caught up with old friends:

(I know, it looks like we called each other ahead of time and coordinated outfits. We did not. I promise! )

Then it was back home to officially welcome Along for the Ride with an event at the Regulator:

Then I went off to California, where I met so many cool readers, but it was such a whirlwind I got, like, NO pictures at all. Except for this one, of a tattoo honoring the words of Owen Armstrong:

And this one, of a shelf at a bookstore in the VERY end of the San Francisco airport, where I was shocked to find my books and enough of a geek to document it:

Then, I came home for a couple of days. The book hit number on the NYT list (unbelievable, still hasn’t sunk in). I headed off again, to CT and then Florida, where the folks in Vero Beach gave me a cake:

and stayed in a THE most gorgeous hotel:

Of course, I didn’t actually get to swim in that pool. That’s the thing about book tour. You see a lot, but don’t really get to do all that much. Maybe next time, though!
Then, it was back home to get ready for the family vacation. We headed off to Cape Cod, although not in this bus:

Because honestly, that would have been a little narcissistic, don’t you think? Yeah. Me too.
Then, it was BACK home for a couple of days before leaving for Chicago and ALA, where I had another gorgeous view:

Did I get to ride on that Ferris Wheel you see in the distance? Um, no. Maybe next time.
Also in Chicago, I got to hang with the awesome Laurie Halse Anderson:

and met the AMAZING Judy Blume, which I still can’t believe actually happened:

As well as saw some of Chicago, finally:

Did I get to shop on that street? YES! I DID! In fact, my credit card is still smoking. But no matter. Have to take advantage while you can!

After Chicago, it was back home for what was supposed to be a minor little surgery but turned out to be a bit more serious. I do not have pictures of the hospital room view because, honestly, I was so bummed about being there I didn’t want to document it. But then I got to come home, had all your kind wishes, and then, finally, my last reading for awhile, at Fearrington:

Gotta love a hometown crowd. After, I signed books and met Dianna and Ashton, who were total strangers until they met on Sarahland and decided to carpool to the reading. How cool is that? They each had armfuls of books, so they waited until the end of the line, which meant they were there when my daughter showed up and decided to “help me”:

And that last picture, my friends, says it all.

So, yes. A lot of stuff for only 59 days. Now, I’m still resting, catching up, organizing myself and sleeping. There is some talk about adding a couple more bookstore appearances—maybe in the Boston area, or DC, or NYC, or all three—if there is enough interest from booksellers and readers and we have enough time to pull it off. If not, then I’ll just settle in here, and….gosh. I don’t know what. Maybe start thinking about…writing again? I wonder….

Have a great day, everyone!

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