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On Saturday, our stove igniter pooped out. No lasagna for us, apparently. Repairman came yesterday, will order part, hope to have it fixed by end of this week or early next. Great, right? I mean, it’s summer. I can eat cold food for awhile. I’m like all laid back, oh, roll with it, look at me being so adaptable! Until this morning, when my shower never really got warm. Turns out hot water heater is now also not working right. I can handle a cold dinner. But a cold shower? Lots of cold showers? Yikes. Repairman is coming this am. Please, please, let him not need to order a part.

In other news, I am not spontaneous. Like, ever. I know, this isn’t exactly news, really. But last night, on a total whim, I booked us a beach house for next week. A beach house! In the season! (We always go off season.) At the last minute! (I always plan our vacations, like, weeks or months out.) I didn’t even check the weather first! (Which might be a big mistake, but oh, well.) Maybe it’s all this medical stuff but I might ACTUALLY be loosening up a bit. Of course, now I have to fight the urge, long ingrained, to start making multiple lists and overplan everything. Can you go to the beach with a toddler with only a couple of day’s notice and no list, though? Guess I will find out.

In other news, I finally finished watching The Fashion Show, and I have to say while it was good and everything—and I liked the winner best of all the designers—I was kind of left with a feeling of, eh. It still always felt like Project Runway lite: some of the designers even seemed like watered down versions of PR’s greatest hits. But soon, soon, Runway returns. To Lifetime, no less, home of Golden Girls reruns and Women in Peril movies. Will they be able to make it work? I hope so, because I have missed Tim Gunn something fierce.

Okay, I have to go now to wait for the plumber. And NOT start packing in my mind. Spontaneous! I’m spontaneous! (Should I bring a baby gate? What about the stroller?) I’m easy going! I just roll with it! (What if it rains the entire time?) Uh-oh. Wish me luck…

Have a great day, everyone!

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