Hear that? It’s the sound of the ocean, which is right outside my back door as I write this. Yes, I am back at the beach. Yes, I could not help myself. I just needed a bit more time here, and despite a CRAZY day coming down yesterday now I am here and it’s all good. Next week, everything begins again, but for now….I’m happy to just stick for awhile. To stick at the beach is just a bonus.

Anyway. Lots of cool stuff coming up, starting with TONIGHT, on A&E, there’s a new show called Hoarders, which is all about people who can’t get rid of anything and how all the clutter rules their lives. It’s a serious compulsion, and interesting all on its own, but I am especially wanting to watch because my friend Geralin, who is a professional organizer, is featured on some episodes. Geralin is pretty much my best friend from college, and she’s about the most organized person I know. I want her to come to my house and, like, get my entire life in order. Anyway, I’ll be tuning in, and if you’re interested, maybe you will as well.

Also ahead: the North Carolina Literary Festival, which is held at UNC-Chapel Hill this year. Hooray for NC writers, and the other writers who are coming to make this festival one of the best ever, truly. You can check out the latest info here. John Grisham, Dorothy Allison, Elizabeth Strout, R.L. Stine …what’s not to love? I will be there as well, although I am not sure what my exact schedule will be yet, if I am reading or doing a panel or whatever. As soon as I know, you will know. Promise. But if you are within traveling distance to Chapel Hill and LOVE books, you know where you want to be Sept 10-13. I can’t wait, personally.

I just turned on the news to see that there are not one but TWO hurricanes now out in the Atlantic. Whoa. Better go dig my toes in the sand for a bit while it’s still so gorgeous here….

Have a great day, everyone!

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