So I’m sitting here, drinking hazelnut coffee. Can I tell you how much I love hazelnut coffee? It’s like two products in one: caffeine AND air freshener. I love when a product pulls double duty.

This beach house is, like, so nice. The decor is gorgeous, there are TWO dishwashers (why you need two, I have no idea) and the TV system is so complicated that even I—who considers herself good at such things—-can’t figure out how to work the DVD player. All this decadence is so odd because really, at the beach, what do you need more than the view and a path to the sand? Not much. I remember, as a kid when we came down here, the beach houses were just that: beach houses. Kind of ramshackle, creaky, bare bones. No dishwashers, certainly no decor other than some seashells stuck to the walls. An outdoor shower IF you were lucky. But it was fine, because we were at the beach and that’s all that mattered. Now, though, I guess people like more comforts. I’m not knocking it. I like comfort too, otherwise I’d be camping on the beach right now, I guess.

Up in Cape Cod where my family lives, though, the houses are still the old school style. There are always plumbing problems, and bug problems, and the occasional dead mouse popping up where you least expect it. All the faucets leak, for the most part, and you usually have to follow directions to know how to use any of the appliances, which are ancient. (My mother busted out an iron a few years ago that I swear to you was from the 1920’s. Fire hazard, anyone?) You have a washing machine IF you are lucky, otherwise you truck to the laundromat to read bad magazines during the spin cycle. But there, it doesn’t matter either. Because my family is all around me, and we’re all in it together. Dead mice and all.

In other news, I watched A&E’s Hoarders last night on the DVR and all I can say is WHOA. My husband, the neat freak, would not even be able to watch this show: he can’t handle soggy Cheerios in the sink, much less people living in a house with rotting fruit and meat all around them. I was reminded, during one segment where one of the women was being FORCED to throw out some yogurt that was six months expired, of our recent debate/argument/marital issue about if salsa stays good longer than a week or so. Clearly, it’s all relative. The best part of the show, though—other than seeing people that need help get it—was watching my friend Geralin just totally kick clutter ass. She’s so perky and cute and able to keep a calm face even in the presence of a SERIOUS mess. My favorite part was when this one guy was freaking out about getting rid of his collection of old fishtanks, and he said he was feeling sick to his stomach. Geralin gives him a sympathetic look and says, “Do you need a water or a coke or something?” LOVE IT! That’s my girl.

Okay, enough gushing. My daughter is literally tugging at my leg to get me off the computer and out onto the beach for our seven am walk…..

Have a great day, everyone!

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