The Friday Five!

1. So far, even with a hurricane churning in this general direction, the beach has been amazing. Sunny and hot, the water perfect. The one downside: my daughter cannot seem to understand the meaning of “Stop!” or “Wait!” when she is running wildly towards the water, shrieking with glee. Multiple times I have had to chase her down and grab her to keep her from just leaping into the sizeable waves. I know, I know. It’s not a good thing. I have tried to explain to her, scolded her, even removed her from the beach when she wouldn’t listen. And yet, it’s like she can’t help herself. My babysitter and I have resorted to running a tight, organized defense around her in case she makes a break for it, but this has its own challenges. The ocean must be respected, pretty as it is. But how do you explain this to a toddler? Sigh.

2. Another thing I’ve been doing on this trip, as well as the last one, is watching Friday Night Lights on DVD. One of the nice results of hooking my babysitters onto FNL is that they are now SO addicted that they have to catch up by watching as many episodes as possible before the new season starts. We watched seasons three and one, and have now doubled back to two. which is kind of odd but I’m liking it. You get to see people at the beginning and end—so far anyway—-and then the middle, which gives all kinds of insight. Plus, season two was the one where Tami was crazy and postpartum, and so was I when I watched it originally, so it’s nice to feel a bit calmer seeing the episodes now. We’re just on the ones where Lyla meets Logan from Gilmore Girls and Jason Street falls in love with Erin the waitress. Good times.

3. All my denial is no longer working: it’s the end of the summer. Even here at the beach, you can feel it. The beach chairs and towels are 40% off at CVS, and there are packs of school supplies beside them. I haven’t gone back to school, either as a student or teacher, for a few years now, but somehow I still get this sinking feeling when I think about it starting up. It’s like having a bad case of the Sunday blues when you don’t have to go to work on Monday. What’s the deal? Is it that ingrained? If it is, that’s just plain sad.

4. Yesterday, I finally finished Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge. It was SO GOOD. I mean, sad and moving and funny and just…beautiful. It made me want to write short stories again, which is something I used to do a lot, but haven’t so much lately as I’ve been focusing on novels. You know when you read an amazingly well written book, you just are scared to start anything else, because you know it won’t measure up? That’s me right now. But I do have The Help, which EVERYONE says is great, and that’s up next. So maybe I’m on a roll. That would be nice. It’s just nice, honestly, to have time to read again. I have missed it, big time.

5. Last night, I watched Project Runway All Stars (I’m so lame I had to go to bed before the actual premiere of PR, but I have it on the DVR). I was so, so happy to get my Tim Gunn fix. And seeing all the people from previous (like Uli! and Daniel V!) was so fun. Was it just me, or did it seem like Santino was being especially obnoxious for the cameras this time? At any rate, it only whetted my appetite for the actual show, although I DID kind of miss all the Bravo previews. I mean, Top Chef and The Real Housewives go with PR like….summer and shrimpburgers, so it’s a bit of an adjustment. But I will—wait for it—make it work. Okay, sorry. Couldn’t resist that one.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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