Home again, home again…

So, it’s Monday, I’m back from the beach, and this time it actually feels real. Like, yes, fall is coming. School is starting. And I’m ready. Or, at least more ready than I was a week ago.

The beach was lovely, though, with good weather (except for some rip tides thanks to Hurricane Bill) good friends and, of course, good food. This was our last night’s dinner:

A low country boil with shrimp, potatoes and corn, plus tons of delicious seasoning, courtesy of our friend Cameron. It was DELICIOUS. I made the salad, which was also good, although not nearly as impressive. A salad is about as fancy as I get on vacation, to be honest. I think on this trip I ate my weight in shrimpburgers and onion rings. All the more reason to hit the treadmill running—literally–today.

In other news, I have my schedule for the North Carolina Literary Festival, which is happening September 10-13. I’m doing a panel on Saturday the 12th, at 11:10 am, with Jill McCorkle and Courtney Jones Mitchell. The title is “A Mentor’s Influence” and it’s super cool because Jill was my teacher when I was at UNC, and I was Courtney’s teacher when she was an undergraduate in the writing program. It’s being held at University United Methodist Church, which is on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Added trivia bonus: it’s also where I went to preschool when I was a kid. Ah, gotta love staying in your hometown. The memories are EVERYWHERE. Anyway, we’ll be talking and then signing books, so come out if you can. You can find out more info about the festival here. I’m also going to be appearing at a benefit for The Chapel Hill Public Library at Fearrington Village on Sunday, the 13th. Tickets are kind of pricey—$75 a person—but it is a good cause so if you have cash to burn and love NC writers, find out more here. I’ll be doing at least one other event for Long Story Short, the anthology of short-short stories, in September. When I have details, I’ll pass them on.

I have to say, it is nice to be home. My dogs are kind of holding a grudge (as they always do) but the tomatoes are still busting out all over, my zinnias are blooming like crazy and I have new episodes of Project Runway and Top Chef on my DVR. Now that I’m back, too, I can start dealing with all the burning questions of fall. Like, “Will I ever start writing again?” (Hope so, and soon.) And “Is it bad I really want to see the Hannah Montana movie?” (Hope not.) And “How many miles do you have to run to work off a shrimpburger?” (Actually, I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that one.) Stay tuned….

Oh, and one more thing: today is my best friend Bianca’s birthday. Happy Birthday, B!
Have a great day, everyone!

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