The other day, I posted a Facebook update about an hour after I got up. Someone commented back: “It’s so early! Go back to bed, woman!” (I especially liked the “woman” part. Made me giggle.) Anyway, it got me thinking about all the ways my life has changed since Sasha was born almost two years ago, but the early waking up thing is one of the biggest, for sure. The thing is, I’ve always been a kind-of early riser. I used to get up at 7am every single day. So why, you may ask, was it such an adjustment when I had to start waking up at 6am, only an hour earlier? Answer: because it just IS.

Seven is a civilized hour. It’s when Good Morning America begins, and some kids are even catching the bus by then. But six is EARLY. Six is dark outside, most of the time, nothing on but the morning news and infomercials, when all my neighbors’ houses are still dark. I can say this because it is six RIGHT NOW, as I am writing this. (I’ve been up since 5:30, but that’s another story.) The house is quiet, dogs and husband asleep. Baby is rolling around in her crib—she’s been up for about forty five minutes, don’t ask—-waiting for me to come fetch her. If it sounds like I enjoy this, I have to say…I don’t. Well, I sort of do. I like getting an early start, and getting so much done. But man, I sometimes miss having the option to sleep until seven. Or eight. Or nine. Like Auden in Along For the Ride, though, I have kind of discovered a whole other world I used to sleep through. for better or for worse. Sunrises are nice, I have to say. You don’t realize until you see them every day.

In TOTALLY unrelated news, last night we were flipping channels and I came across….Footloose. FOOTLOOSE! With Kevin Bacon, and the town that outlawed dancing. Playing chicken on tractors! Sarah Jessica Parker almost unrecognizable! I was gushing i was so excited. Unfortunately, I got vetoed by my husband, who is not so into 80’s nostalgia as I am. Little did HE know, though, that it was coming on again later than night. I set the DVR so I can watch the ENTIRE THING. Yesss! I heard they are doing a remake, possibly with Chace Crawford. To which I say: really? Is that necessary? Sometimes, you just have to wonder if some things are better just left alone.

Ooh, baby is kicking the wall. Better go. Still waiting on that sunrise, though…..

Have a good day, everyone!

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