The Friday Five!

1. Yesterday, my daughter had her first day of playschool. I know, I know. It’s not real school. But it was still REALLY hard for me. I mean, I had to label her little lunchbox! And write her name on her rain boots! And then LEAVE her and drive away. I was totally traumatized. She, not so much. I heard from the teachers that there were some tears, and she managed to muddy up not one but two outfits in less than four hours. The first thing she said when she saw me at pick-up was “I go home!” which worried me, but then when I asked her later if she wanted to go back to school, she said yes. Which is good, right? Still, I don’t know why I was such a freak about this. I had, like, major anxiety for WEEKS. And it’s just playschool. What happens when it is actual school? And college? Oh, God. I can only imagine….

2. The other night, after it had been sitting on my shelf for entirely too long, I finally put in New in Town with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. I had no expectations, and pleasantly surprised. I didn’t hear that much about this movie when it was in theaters, but it was REALLY cute. Too often, I feel like a movie gets talked up and up and then when I see it I can’t help but be let down. Maybe ignoring all my entertainment mags is the way to go? But I can’t quit you, EW. I can’t!

3. In other news, my husband recently got an XBOX 360. Now, personally, I feel like we are too old for video games. But there’s some driving game he really wanted, so now we have game consoles on our coffee table like we’re in our twenties or something. I have heard, though, that I can sign up for something that will let me stream movies from Netflix onto the XBOX. That, I am kind of interested in. The games, not so much. I tried to play the driving game ONCE and wrecked, like, a million times. I need to find a game that plays to my strengths. Maybe there’s one for grocery shopping or obsessing?

4. Speaking of obsessing, I turned on GMA this week to see the entire cast of Thirtysomething reunited for the first time. Yikes! Apparently the show is finally coming out on DVD. I used to love it so much. The angst, the eighties fashions—shoulder pads! Suspenders! Big, mismatched earrings!—-I mean, I’m not sure I can resist it. But now I AM thirtysomething. Almost fortysomething, if I am totally honest. Do I really want to dwell on this? I am not sure. All that angst was much more appealing when I couldn’t relate.

5. Finally, speaking of 80’s nostalgia, I was watching Scrubs the other night and saw this clip. Men at Work reminds me SO much of junior high, I can’t even tell you. But hearing this song, done like this, made it seem new all over again. Just another reason why I love Scrubs. If you don’t, just play this and don’t watch. Just listen.

Have a great day, everyone!

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