Today is the last day of August. I’m not even sure what to say about this other than it just seems wrong. September already? Really? Wow. I’ve been kind of mourning the summer ending—okay, I’ll admit, there’s no kind of about it—but this weekend, I started looking ahead to good things that are happening this fall. Like the anthology Long Story Short, which publishes tomorrow, and contains the first non-teen centric published piece I’ve written in a long time. Also, the NC Literary Festival, where I’ll get to catch up with old friends in one of my favorite places, the UNC Campus. And then, there’s this:

This is the view from the middle of the main room of my NEW OFFICE, which is over the garage we’ve been building for months now. My desk will go right where that scaffolding is (I think) and this weekend I picked out paint colors (a kind of apricot-white) and the bathroom tile went in (pebbles!). My mother always used to tell me that a woman—but really anyone—needs a room of their own. I do have an office here in the house, but it’s open space you walk up into on the second floor, with no door. Which was fine for awhile, but now that the baby (and yes, I will keep calling her that, even if she is almost two) I can hear everything that goes on downstairs and it’s distracting. So I wrote Along for the Ride in our guest room, and now I’m starting a new book (fingers crossed, anyway) there as well.

But in this new place, I’ll have an actual DETACHED office, so I can be home but not home. It’s so exciting and a little scary as well. My assistant, Parker, and I seriously have our work cut out for us, as we have to move all my books and manuscripts and papers over there and somehow make sense of them. But I’m even excited about that, really. Maybe I’ll actually feel like a professional? Although I might be so distracted by the view and my pretty pebbled bathroom that I don’t get anything done. It could go either way.

But for now, it is Monday, and raining here. I’m drinking coffee, even though I have been making an effort to cut down/give up caffeine as I hear from Megan McCafferty, who is doing this big healthy detox thing, that it will give me more energy. And I could really use that right now because I am TIRED. I am also tired of talking about how tired I am, and I know you and everyone around me is sick of hearing it as well, so I won’t elaborate. But I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do about it. Do less, my mother says. Which would be great, if it meant things would get done some other way. Go to bed early, another friend says. Which I guess I could try but I already am asleep by 10 most nights. Red Bull, someone else tells me, but I know they are kidding. At least, I hope they are. Even a Starbucks double mocha makes me feel like I’m flying it jacks me up so much. Megan suggested Green Tea, which is an option I might pursue. I have to do something, though, because my brain feels so fuzzy and I am so forgetful that I’m having trouble even writing a shopping list, much less trying to tackle a novel. You know you’re in bad shape when you get writer’s block attempting your Facebook status updates. So, for now, coffee. In fact, I think I need a refill….

Have a great day, everyone!

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