The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so it’s actually Thursday night as I write this, and my husband, the carpenter, JUST unpacked the box containing my daughter’s play kitchen. According to Amazon reviews, it can take anywhere from two to five hours to assemble. How long will it take him? I have no idea. But I am documenting the entire process. Right now, he’s been unwrapping pieces for fifteen minutes. Uh-oh. Stay tuned…..

2. In other news, this week was the season finale of Weeds, one of my very favorite shows. I am not going to post spoilers here, as I know a lot of people wait to watch for the DVD, but I do have to say that this season was kind of crazy. When you love a show the way I do this one, you stick with it, even when it gets a little far-fetched and nutty (or when it just gets BAD, like 90210 did, but I watched until the last episode, and no regrets). I just have to have faith, I guess, that the writers know what they are doing. Don’t ALL writers know what they’re doing? Ummm…..maybe.

3. Lately, I swear I’ve been creaking around here like an old woman. Maybe it’s picking up my daughter too much, or starting to work out again, but I did something to my shoulder/upper arm and it’s just not getting better. I’ve tried ice, heat, the hot tub….but it still aches and it’s driving me nuts. I remember my sister-in-law also having shoulder issues when my nephew was a toddler, so maybe this is normal? I mean, I am usually toting her, the diaper bag and my purse. That’s a lot to ask of a body. But still, I feel like I need Ben Gay or something, which is kind of embarrassing. Which does not mean I won’t use it. I’ll just be embarrassed, is all.

4. Quick appearance update: besides the Literary Festival next week, I’ll also be doing an event at the Barnes and Noble in Cary on September 22nd at 7pm. I’ll be reading from Long Story Short and doing a panel with my VERY good friends Marianne Gingher and Courtney Jones Mitchell. You can find out more here. It also looks like I’ll be doing a reading in D.C., at Politics and Prose, in early October. When I have confirmation on that, I will let you know.

5. Okay, it’s been two hours and sixteen minutes since I began writing this entry. (It didn’t TAKE me that long, I promise. I left and watched a bunch of eps of The Office and made phone calls. Just so you know.) Anyway, a few minutes ago, my super awesome husband finished the kitchen. Behold!

Say it with me: awwwwwww!

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

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