Laboring into Fall…..

Just a QUICK entry to say Happy Labor Day to everyone. We’ve had a busy but fun weekend here, hosting a family birthday party for my daughter on Saturday—cake, balloons, lots of cardboard and flashbulbs popping—followed by some delicious dinners with good friends. Last night, we went to our neighbor’s house, where we had homemade stuffed grape leaves (he is the MOST amazing cook) and crab dip and homemade pizzas and bruschetta made with tomatoes and basil from our garden. YUM! I have never really thought of Labor Day as an eating holiday. Clearly, though, it is this year.

With fall, at least for me, comes the urge to purge. I want to throw or give away everything I didn’t wear over the summer, pack up the clothes that no longer fit the baby, finally toss the stuff around the house that is ripped, chipped or threadbare. We need new towels, new glassware, a new welcome mat. I have this crazy need to fold things and buy drawer organizers and shred stuff. I guess maybe it’s a kind of hunkering down, getting ready for shorter and colder days. But it’s doesn’t always work. The other night, while Sasha was asleep, I took away a few toys she NEVER plays with and put them in the guest room, intending to take them to the swap shop. For a couple of days, she didn’t notice. Then, this morning, all hell broke loose. “I want my door!” she cried. I said, “You have your play garden, there’s a door there.” But no. “I want my OTHER door! I had two good doors! Mama, get my door?” She was inconsolable, so I went and found the door toy and brought it back down. She played with it for, like, two seconds and then was done. Sigh. Guess I’ll try again in a couple of days.

I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend, soaking up the last of this season. Eat well, drink well, organize well. You know the drill. Oh, and if you are at the beach, wiggle your toes in the sand for me. I wish I was there!

Have a great day, everyone!

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