Busy day today, as I’m headed off to do WUNC’s The State of Things this morning. Not sure if it’s running today at noon or we’re taping—I’ll let you know—but we’ll be talking about Long Story Short and the upcoming NC Lit Fest. I was talking to one of my friends last night about how I am JUST getting comfortable in writing/Mom mode again, after spending the summer doing so much promotion for Along for the Ride. Now, though, I’ve got to pull out the dry cleaning and scrape the garden dirt out from under my nails and try to look somewhat presentable. I pointed out to my friend, though, that since I was doing radio today, I could still slum. “What?” she said. “No! You have to dress up a little bit, don’t you?” Do I? For the radio? I mean, I wasn’t going to wear a tube top and cutoffs. (Okay, I don’t HAVE a tube top or cutoffs. I mean, there’s slumming and there’s SLUMMING.) But I was not planning to bring my A game, if only because no one’s really, um, seeing me. I bet Lauren Conrad dresses up for the radio, though. I mean, you can tell by her author picture on LA Candy she does NOT slum. Maybe I should take a lesson.

In other news, tonight is the season premiere of Glee, a show I have totally fallen in love with since watching the pilot a couple of weeks back. I am inordinately excited about this premiere, but I’m not sure it’s because of the show itself or just that I’m ready for all my shows to come back. A bit of both, probably. I had a sign, though, last night while watching Hoarders, that TV is a bit too ingrained in my life. It was this very dramatic moment, with a woman who had serious hoarding problems and her daughter, who was trying to help her clean her house out with little success, had just had it. The daughter got all emotional, saying she just couldn’t try to save her mom anymore. “I choose me,” she said, her voice cracking. “I choose me.” It was really touching….

….but I know some of you already know where my sad little mind went. Yep, right back to Kelly Taylor, in the Peach Pit parking lot, saying these same words to Brandon and Dylan when they both wanted her to be with them. Yes, I know, it’s sick that I remember it that well. But I do.

HOLY CRAP a hummingbird just blew in my open back door! Yikes! Luckily, he took one look around and then zipped right back out. Good God, that scared me to pieces. We have enough nervous energy in this house with just me and the dogs. I can’t imagine adding any more.

Okay, off to find something non-slumming to wear on the radio. Have a good day, everyone!

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