The Friday Five!

1. Okay, one final reminder: I’ll be at the NC Litfest tomorrow, speaking on a panel with Jill McCorkle and Courtney Jones Mitchell. We’ll be talking about mentoring and you never know what else, as Jill and Courtney are two of my favorite people and we ALL like to talk. You can check out the full schedule here.

2. Speaking of books and writers, I’ve been listening to Kathy Griffin’s new memoir, Official Book Club Selection, on my iPod and it is FANTASTIC. Now, with Kathy Griffin, you either love her or really don’t. I adore her and I wish this book would go on forever. It’s funny and honest and just real, and plus her delivery is great. It’s like she’s talking to you, and not just reading. I know she’s been doing a lot of publicity for it, but I especially liked the PW interview here. Not for the faint of heart, or anyone who is, um, offended by language or off color humor. Or, um, anything. But still, so good.

3. One more reason I am sad to see the summer go: The Good Salad. This is what my friend Dana christened the salad I started making just about every night this summer, and I turned all my friends and babysitters onto it as well. It is just so good and SO easy so I want to share it with you. You take some romaine lettuce and rip it up, then add some fresh baby spinach. Chop up two hard boiled eggs, one avocado, and a bunch of cherry or sungold tomatoes (if they come from your garden, all the better). Add dressing of your choice (I like oil and vinegar) and serve. So, so good. Plus, if you eat it before pizza or Mexican food it balances out all fat and fried stuff. At least, in my mind. Enjoy!

4. My daughter is still crying every time I leave her at playschool, and it’s killing me. I’ve stayed (okay, lurked) and watched that she does recover and is okay, but still….I keep questioning myself, as I put her in this school because she SO loved other kids and playing with other kids and now I worry she was too young and I made a mistake. It’s only been two weeks, though. It’s too early to make rash decisions. That’s what I try to keep telling myself, as I take deep, cleansing breaths walking to my car, her sobbing face fresh in my mind. Good God, this parenting thing is tough. Nothing compares. Nothing.

5. It’s been eight years today since the terrorist attacks in New York, DC and Pennsylvania. Eight years is a long time. But I, like so many other people, still remember clearly everything about that day. How I came out of one class to the towers burning and had to go reassure another group of students when I felt like the LAST person able to do that. Today, I am thinking about the people who were lost in the attacks and their families. I’ll probably hug my own family a little closer and more tightly, as well.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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