Here to stay.

1. I asked. And 224 of you (and counting) answered. Thank you for letting me know that you do still like reading this blog and I should keep it up. I will. Even if some days, I feel like I have NOTHING to say and am writing the most boring entries ever. So you can’t say you weren’t warned! (I’d also like to say that I am very pleased to know I am not the only one still rocking the bootcut jeans. Whew! Because I still love my Seven A-pockets, and always will. )

2. You know how sometimes, everything just happens at once? Yesterday, I woke up with a cold. Also, Sasha had poked me in the eye (by accident) the night before and suddenly my eye was, like, swollen shut and tearing. So I go from fine to basically looking like I’ve been in a bar fight, with a runny nose, in less than twelve hours. Honestly. I spent half the day walking around wincing until I finally got to the eye doctor, who gave me some drops and told me it would get better on its own. I guess the GOOD thing is that this didn’t happen last week, when I had to get up in front of people. Now just my friends and family have to see me like this. Me, I’m avoiding the mirror until I feel better, all around.

3. Also yesterday, the the box set my publisher has put together (just in time for holiday giving! Okay, a bit early, but….) was released. I posted a picture of this before, but it’s Just Listen, This Lullaby and The Truth About Forever, all in one package. And the box is so cute!
Get it here. (I have not received my own yet, but am patiently—okay, not entirely patiently—waiting. I have a place picked out for it on my shelf and everything!)

4. Speaking of being a nerd (because who other than a nerd has shelf space allotted for books that haven’t even arrived yet?) I have to share with you what I am wearing right now. Hey! Not like that. Like this:

OH MY GOD how I love this. I just told my husband that all I need is Tim Riggins’ number on the back and I will be all set. Friday Night Lights returns Oct 28th on DirecTV. You can bet I will be wearing this shirt then. Because, as I said, I am a nerd.

5. Okay, so The Office premiered last night….and I missed it, because I went to bed because I basically couldn’t see or breathe, which makes watching TV kind of hard and not at all enjoyable. Also, I have not watched the new Glee or Project Runway. And next week, ALL the shows come back. Holy pajamas, as my friend Courtney would say. My DVR is going to be working overtime. Hate to see summer end, but love the new fall TV season. In fact, I think I’ll go adjust my To Do list right now……

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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