Hello Monday, and Welcome!

Ever had one of those weekends where it just seems like everything goes wrong at once? It seems unfair, as weekends are supposed to be for rest, relaxation and fun. Here at our casa, though, it’s been NUTS. First, we all got sick on Thursday, followed by the eye poke I told you about on Friday. Then my husband bought a car that turned out to be a total lemon, followed by him waking up the next morning with an ear and sinus infection. We were all sniffling, crazy messes, juggling all this car stuff with fussy toddler who kept waking up in the middle of the night because she couldn’t breathe through her nose, which then made us both sleep deprived, and so on, and so on. Sometimes you just have to laugh. What else can you do?

By Sunday, though, the car thing has been solved (hopefully) and we were on the mend (I think). Plus, my babysitter showed up for a couple of hours and I almost cried I was so happy to see her. Due to other sitter having flu, I hadn’t had time to work or even just get caught up on anything for days. Have I mentioned I love my babysitters? Oh, I have? Okay, well, I’ll say it again.

Anyway, now it’s a new week and a new attitude, which is good because I’m doing a bookstore appearance tomorrow night and nobody likes a grumpy, sniffly author. I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Cary at 7pm, doing a discussion and signing with my friends Marianne Gingher and Courtney Jones Mitchell. It will be SUPER fun so come out if you can. More details are here. I promise not to cough on you!

Last night, because I was still under the weather, I only made it through the first hour or so of the Emmys. But I did think Neil Patrick Harris was great—although it wasn’t hard to improve on last year, when it was hosted by the reality show hosts and so, so bad—-and was happy to see 30 Rock win a couple of awards before I crashed. I’ll watch the rest on DVR this morning while I drink my coffee and do dishes, because that is how I now roll. Emmy parties? Dressing up for a pretend red carpet? Cocktails and staying up until the bitter end? Not so much these days. Whoever invented the DVR, I toast you with my huge glass of water and two Tylenol I’m about to take. You make me less lame, which is really not easy to do, trust me.

To celebrate NPH on the Emmys, we watched his STELLAR appearance as the Fairy Shoe Person on Sesame Street yesterday morning. Haven’t seen it? Well, we can remedy that right now. However, just so you know, like most Sesame Street songs, this WILL get stuck in your head. You have been warned.

Have a great day, everyone!

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