Thanks to everyone who came out to Cary last night, in what was pretty much a downpour, to see me, Marianne Gingher and Courtney Jones Mitchell. We had such a great crowd, seriously, and it was really fun to meet to many readers. Plus we got to talk about writing—the good stuff, and the hard stuff, and all the stuff in between—and just generally gab, which we are REALLY good at (if you were there, you can attest to this. We could have gone on for hours, I am sure). I’m kind of sad to see all these Long Story Short events come to an end. Doing events is always fun, but getting to do them with close friends? Priceless.

I do have another event on deck for Along for the Ride: I’ll be at Politics and Prose, in Washington, DC, on Friday October 9th at 4:30 pm. For more details, go here. I’ve read at this bookstore before and it is a GREAT place, so come out if you can. I know what you’re thinking: will you EVER stop doing events for Along for the Ride? Can’t you just give it a rest, Dessen? Well, not really. I wanted to be able to tour more when the book came out, but it was hard with the baby and all, so I’m just adding a few events here and there as I can. I will keep you posted about any more that come along. Plus, it’s a summer book and don’t we all kind of need that in fall and winter? I hope so.

In other book news, I continue to be on my audio book tear: I finished Kathy Griffin’s Official Book Club Selection (which I LOVED) and have now moved onto a bio of Kurt Cobain called Heavier Than Heaven. Is it a cop-out that I am doing most of my reading via audiobook these days? The truth is, at home, I hardly have time to read the way I used to, and if I do have a few seconds to curl up with a book, I tend to doze off. (Sad, but true.) But via iPod, I’m covering a couple of books a month thanks to ITunes and I want to believe that reading counts, no matter how you get it done. My mind is still getting enriched from these books, even if I listen as I’m running errands. But I do feel sort of like I’ve become someone who does everything the fast and easy way: Facebook updates, Twitter in 140 characters or less, text messages rather than phone calls or, god forbid, written letters. I’ve read we’ve become a short attention span society, and I don’t doubt it.

I remember, though, when I was in high school and I started to really get into books by Stephen King and Jackie Collins. My mom, the academic, was dismayed to see me with what she thought of as less than literary works, but she tried VERY hard to bite her tongue. “At least you’re reading!” she’d say. “You’ll come back to the classics…hopefully.” And I did. Reading is reading, I still believe that. It all counts. But listening? I hope it does too. Because for now, it’s what working for me. And you got to go with what works.

Oh, and if you have any audiobook recommendations—especially memoirs or nonfiction—let me know. I’m open to suggestions!

Have a great day, everyone!

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