The Friday Five!

1. How did I possibly miss the House premiere on Monday night? I did not want to believe it at first…but a quick question on Twitter confirmed all. (Thank you, everyone there, for your quick responses.) Anyway, thanks to iTunes and a credit I had there, I was able to download the premiere and watch it anyway. But still! Clearly, I need to be more vigilant. I know last night’s was Grey’s Anatomy (will watch it tonight) the Office already happened, and Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock aren’t on for a couple more weeks. This, people, is what happens when you get behind on your Entertainment Weeklys. It’s serious business.

2. This week, I went to do a little fall shopping for my daughter. She needed jeans, so I headed to Gap, because they were having a sale and keep sending me coupons. (How can I resist, I ask? How?) Anyway, I found a cute pair I liked and went to double check the size. Then I saw they were called….Boyfriend Jeans. For a two year old? REALLY? I mean, I get it: there are also bootcut, and flare, and skinny (which is a whole other topic, don’t even get me started on skinny jeans for toddlers). There’s just something about the word BOYFRIEND being associated with my baby that is just plain weird. I pointed it out to the guy who was working the register. “I mean, she shouldn’t HAVE a boyfriend at this age,” I said. He agreed, and added, helpfully, “And if she did, she shouldn’t be wearing his jeans.” Amen, brother. Amen!

3. Okay, so I have decided I MUST lose the rest of my pregnancy weight by the new year. It’s not even fair to call it pregnancy weight two years on, is it? It’s, like, french fry and cupcake weight, let’s not kid ourselves. Bascially, I did pretty well post partum, losing all I gained except for, like, eight pounds. And those eight pounds have hung around, like an unwelcome houseguest, ever since. I’ll admit it is harder to have time to work out these days, and oh so tempting to sneak mac and cheese off of Sasha’s plate, which does not help either. But I am determined to do this. Can I, considering I’m going to the beach for next week, where I will be tempted by shrimpburgers? Dear God. Stay tuned.

4. Yep, you read that right. I’m headed off to the beach for a vacation that was actually planned LONG before my two spontaneous, post-surgery life-is-too-short jaunts. It’s a great time to be on the NC coast, still warm but kind of deserted, and I’m really looking forward to it. We’ll have family and friends there, lots of big dinners, and I am thinking I might try to recruit a few more people to Friday Night Lights. I found, with my babysitters, that even those who are initially resistant (it’s not about football, people!) get totally hooked if they just are convinced to watch ONE episode. I’m bringing season one with me: we’ll see what happens. I also have the last season of the Office, season one of Rescue Me and 17 Again, which I hear is really good. I know, I know, it sounds like I won’t leave the couch. But I will. How else will I work off those shrimpburgers?

5. This week, my husband finally pulled up our tomato plants and the rest of my zinnias. I was dismayed at first, because I wanted to keep them all until they were totally dead, but he pointed out that it IS fall now (beach trips aside) and we need the space to plant fall stuff. We already have bok choy and some lettuce coming in, and there are a few peppers left, but otherwise the garden is looking a little sparse. Which is depressing, after how full and gorgeous it was all summer. But I have learned, living out by so many farms and fields, that there is something good about an empty plot. It’s got potential, the opportunity for so many beginnings. It’s like that fallow point between books, for me, when I’m letting go of one (love you, Auden!) and moving onto the next. It helps to take a cue from the seasons and nature. It just makes it easier. And the best part? I still have a bit of summer in my freezer, in pesto and spaghetti sauce, to enjoy all year long. Yum.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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