Good morning from NC’s Crystal Coast, where the sun is not yet up but we are. It was raining most of the way down on Saturday, and some of yesterday, but the sun came out in the afternoon and was gorgeous. Plus, there have already been shrimpburgers. Gotta love that.

Okay, so I have to tell you about this place where we are staying. Due to a number of lucky factors, we got a really good deal on this beach house and snapped it up. And when we pulled up…I could not believe my eyes. I mean, I knew it was big and nice from the pictures but, as Courtney would say, holy pajamas! We’re smack on the ocean, with a pool and a hot tub and big bedrooms and this gorgeous kitchen. There is—wait for it—an elevator. I KNOW! And a sauna. STOP IT! It’s so crazy that my babysitter Barrett and I were like those people on the Real World when they first see their house, running wild up and down the stairs and freaking out. I keep pretending I am Meg Cabot when I am in my kitchen, as she is the only person I know who actually has a sub zero fridge like the one here. I know, I’m a geek. I can’t help myself.

House aside, it’s just really nice to be back here. I’m watching the sun rise right now, and haven’t checked my email since Saturday am (sorry everyone who is waiting for a reply, oops!) and just kind of savoring this nice fall break. Soon enough we will be back and it will be time for sweaters and pumpkins and holidays and everything else. Entries might be sporadic or nonexistent this week. I’ll be back in force next week, though, promise. For now, though, I think I’ll go for a walk on the beach with my girl.
Have a great day, everyone!

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