Okay, so I’m back after a week of vacation, and now it is officially fall. I was kind of in denial (I’m good at that) until I felt the chill in the air and saw all the pumpkins and mums lining the roads on the way home. Today, I performed the seasonal ritual of moving my box of flip flops further back in the closet and taking out my Danskos. I know, I know: some of you will wear flip flops through the winter—I had students who did this, showing up in them when it was literally sleeting outside. But that’s not how I roll. I’ll put them back, dig out some socks, and at least be happy I can let my pedicure slide for a little while.

But not for long! Because I am back in work mode this week, gearing up to go to D.C.’s Politics and Prose on Friday afternoon. I’ll be there at 4pm, reading, taking questions and signing books. It’s a quick trip, flying up and back on the same day, but it should be a lot of fun. Once that’s done, my plan is to kind of retreat for awhile, stepping back from readings and signings and public stuff, so I can get back to work. I’ve never been good at writing and doing promotion at the same time, and I’m so ready to just kind of disappear for awhile. I am sick of myself, seriously. What can I say? It happens.

In other news, I came home to my DVR just bursting with shows, and we’ve been loving working our way through them over the last couple of days between loads of laundry, bill paying, and the rest of the stuff that tends to pile up when you leave town for a week. Here’s my quick rundown of the new season, thus far:

1. House: LOVED the premiere, and loving how they are shaking up the show a bit, although I am worried about how they’re going to bring Cameron and Chase back in as regulars. I’m still a little bummed about how they got rid of Kutner, though. Sorry, I just hold a grudge.

2. Glee is STILL so good, even as I wait for it to disappoint. I am becoming that geek who goes and downloads songs from the show the day after it airs. I know, I know. I said I was a geek!

3. Despite the fact that I still feel like I’m the only one watching Grey’s Anatomy, I am loving it. My friends I used to talk about it with have all abandoned it, but I don’t care. I will watch alone, I’m not proud. I think it’s actually better since everyone stopped expecting it to be so good. Does that make sense?

4. The Office: All I can say is that the promos for this week’s episode, with Jim making that toast about waiting for Pam, give me total chills. I can’t WAIT for this wedding episode. I will be sobbing, I am sure. Again: geek.

5. Parks and Recreation: Are you watching this show? You should be! It’s getting funnier and funnier, and the supporting cast is so strong. If you like The Office, you will like this. Plus, how can you go wrong with Amy Poehler. I tell you how: you can’t.

I still have to catch up on Project Runway, Top Chef, and a few others. But that’s the nice thing about fall and winter: it’s dark early, you can make a fire and a big batch of chili, and just hunker down. Mmmmm. I think I’m going to go look for some socks……

Have a great day, everyone!

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