The Friday Five!

1. So yesterday, just as I was sitting down in a quiet, child-free house to get some stuff done, my internet went down. I knew right away it probably had something to do with the paving crew down by my mailbox: sure enough, they’d severed the phone line. Whoops! At first, I was frustrated, as I had so much to do. But then I decided to accept the challenge of a full day without being able to be online. And you know what? It was kind of nice. I got a LOT done without the distractions of Facebook and Twitter, and felt calmer for most of the day than I have in awhile. Does this mean I will willingly give up internet for long periods, now? Nope. But at least I know if I get overwhelmed what I should do. That said, I have a lot of Google News and Twitter to catch up on…..

One thing that did get done yesterday, in my internet-free world, was that my assistant Parker came over to help me inventory all my author copies of my books. You can tell how excited she was by this project by her expression in this picture. It was a LOT of books, and the upshot is we need to move some stuff out, especially foreign editions. But it’s very time consuming to ship things all over the country, as we have before, so I’m hoping to find some local takers for German, Danish, and UK editions, as well as a class set of That Summer in hardback. Are you a teacher or librarian from the Triangle area—Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill—who might be able to use some foreign editions, especially paperbacks that are printed for the UK market? If so, shoot us an email at sarah at sarahdessen dot com. If we can’t give them away locally, we’ll go bigger. But for now, let me hear from you NC folks, if you’re out there.

3. This week, we also finally found a VERY used Little Tikes playhouse on Craigslist for my daughter. It is kind of beat up, and a bit dirty, with some spiders we had to relocate. But by her reaction when she saw it, it might as well have been a palace. She LOVES it and wants to go out and play even at 5:55 when it is pitch dark. I swear, having a two year old reminds me daily that I need to find contentment and pleasure in the little things. It’s so easy to make her happy: a free supermarket balloon, my Nalgene bottle, our dogs. I am working to realize my own joy in the easy stuff, as well. Clearly, I have a lot to learn.

4. Okay, last reminder I promise: today, Friday the 9th, I will be at Politics and Prose in DC at 4:30 pm. Details can be found here. I’m really excited to hit the road (if only for a day) again and spend some time with Auden and Eli. I am flying up and back the same day, so I am just hoping to not be too wrinkled. Wish me luck.

5. Finally, a quick word about the Pam and Jim wedding on The Office last night: perfect. For those of you who haven’t watched yet, I won’t ruin anything by giving details. But I WILL say that it wasn’t even the big, silly moments that I liked the most, but the smaller, more personal ones. I think the writers should be commended for not only bringing Jim and Pam together, but KEEPING them there and keeping the show good. I know the whole will-they or won’t-they thing is good for romantic tension, which is why shows often put people together, then break them up, again and again. But the Office has never been like other shows, which is why I cried at a fictional wedding like the big dork I am. Sniff.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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