You know you’re getting older when you actually hurt WHILE you exercise, instead of after. I just did push-ups for the first time and did something to my neck. Now, I can’t look to the right or left without it hurting. And, I mean, you kind of NEED to look to your right and left. How am I going to cross the street? Good Lord.

In other news, the temperature has dropped here, and it’s raining. I woke up this morning and thought one thing: crockpot. It’s just that kind of day. I love my crockpot. It’s just so seventies and reminds me of my childhood, plus it makes cooking easy if you are lazy, which I am (even when I can look in both directions easily). I’m thinking I’m going to make chili today, but what I REALLY want to try is a brisket. The butcher at Whole Foods (yes, I know my butcher: it’s also so seventies, right?) got my mouth watering the other day by explaining how easy it is to cook a brisket in the crock pot. Just some vegetables, the meat, and let it go. I have this other pot roast I make sometimes, but for some reason it always dries out. I hear brisket is less prone to do that, so I’m up for it. That’s the thing about winter and cold weather. I actually WANT to cook, sometimes, whereas in summer it’s all about fruit and nibbling. Now, I’m putting on some winter warmth. Good thing I am doing pushups. I mean, sore neck aside.

Finally, I went to the Apple Store the other day and can I just say it’s just a BIT too high tech for me? I had some iPods to recycle, super old ones that haven’t worked in ages, and they offer a free program where you can dispose of them in a green way. So I go in, head for the counter and….there isn’t one. No counter anymore, no registers. Only the Genius Bar, which I will not approach because let’s face it, I don’t belong there. A salesperson came up and helped me, but when it was time to check out—yes, I bought something, I am a sucker for the Apple Store—she just whipped out this little console thing from her hip, hit a few buttons, and slid my card. A moment later, she reached UNDER this nearby table and pulled out my receipt. I didn’t even see a printer there! It was like sleight of hand or something, so crazy. I told her it was the first time I’d been in since they got rid of the register, and she asked what I thought of it. I was honest and said I think people like a sense of PLACE in a store, somewhere to go to, a center. But I really think the truth is that I am just a bit too much of a dork for the Apple Store. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac and am totally drinking the Kool Aid about Apple these days. But maybe I’m just not QUITE cool enough to hang with the big dogs. Oh, well.

Okay, I’m off to make chili now. Gotta dig out the crock pot….

Have a great day, everyone!

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