Ah, Monday. You always come so quickly. You should talk to Friday, get him on board.

This weekend, I had a chance to go out and do a little clothes shopping. Now, this used to be a big hobby of mine. Okay, maybe a bit of a problem hobby. But since my daughter was born, I find myself doing most clothes shopping for HER instead of myself. She is rocking these great looks while I….well, I’m wearing pretty much the same T-shirt (long sleeve in winter, short in summer) in varying colors every single day. For example, right now, Sasha is wearing this leopard print sweater I got for her, which I think is totally cute. My husband, however, calls it “very Real Housewives,” which I think, coming from him, is not exactly a compliment.

So I’m at the mall, with about an hour to get everything I might need until, well, Spring. Motherhood has made me efficient, I have to say: I shop like it’s a job now, boom, boom, done. So then, of course, I head over to Baby Gap to return something I’d ordered online for Sasha. (On a related note, flared pants? Not really working for a two year old. Live and learn.) Anyway, I’m there waiting to check out and this older woman comes in with a little girl. They’re browsing the clearance rack, where I am, and the little girl grabs at this Superman T-shirt, you know, blue with the big red S. She wants it, but her grandmother (I think?) glances over and says, “Oh, no. That’s for boys.”

Now, I kind of get this. I mean, it is SuperMAN. But, but, but. I just hear my mother in my head (which happens more and more often lately) saying, “Who says it’s just for boys? Can’t girls be superheroes? Of COURSE they can!” The little girl is already gone, but I reach over and pull out one of those shirts. They’re on sale, and they have Sasha’s size. I grab it, for her and girls everywhere. Anyone can be super: pink, blue, boy, girl, whatever. So there.

On a final note, I’m about to make a brisket. Which TOTALLY reminds me of my grandmother, who I wish was still around to advise. Basically, based on what I’ve read, I put vegetables, some onion soup mix, the brisket and some beef broth in the crock pot, turn it on and let it go. Other recipes call for adding Coke, which is kind of odd…plus, I only have Coke Zero, which is not the same thing. Still, uou gotta love the crockpot. It makes you dinner AND provides a great smell for the house. Meat and potatoes on a cold fall day! Somewhere, my grandmother is smiling.

Have a great day, everyone!

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