Sometimes, when I write these entries, I worry I sound like a cranky old woman. But some days, I FEEL like a cranky old woman. Take this weekend, when I went to check my Facebook page and everything had changed. What’s up with this new Live Feed? Suddenly I have WAY more information on all my friends than I need. I know there’s probably a way to revert to the old page style but honestly, I’m too old and cranky to dig around and look for it. It’s like every time I open iTunes, there’s an update. Everything is SO current, constantly, that there’s no stability, no chance to get used to anything. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life comes at you fast.” He was young and cheerful, but clearly onto something.

In other news, this is a big week for me, as it marks the return of one of my FAVORITE shows, Friday Night Lights. Wednesday night, if you have DirectTV, the new season premieres on channel 101. If you don’t have DTV, it will run later this year on NBC. I know I’m kind of a zealot when it comes to spreading the word about this show, and I honestly am not trying to be obnoxious. But it is SO GOOD! If you like well-written dramas with amazing characters, then you MUST pick up one of the earlier seasons on DVD. You can even watch it instantly on Netflix (at least, according to my babysitter, who I got totally hooked on it during the summer). Personally, I will be totally geeking out with my Dillon Football shirt on Wednesday night, but you don’t have to take it quite that far. Just give it a shot. If you don’t like it, I’ll….well, I’ll apologize. Or something.

Finally, my sudden and unexpected foray into enjoying cooking again continued this weekend. I made an Arroz Con Pollo, a rice and chicken dish, and it was REALLY good. Peppers from our garden, lots of garlic, served with fresh local kale…..yum. This is my new way of combatting my phobia of getting H1N1, with lots of healthy foods and big time anti-oxident greens. My entire house smells like garlic, but I can deal with that. Tonight I’m making meatloaf. Is it weird to be thinking about dinner at 6:30 am? It is? Oh, well.

Finally, thanks to everyone who wrote in offering to take my surplus of UK editions off my hands. I think we’ve found takers for all we’ve got to give for right now, but rest assured we’ll probably be giving more away in the near future. I don’t want to truck over any more stuff to the new office than necessary. And speaking of my new digs, I feel like I’m in that movie The Money Pit today. Remember how they were waiting around forever for their contractor to show up, and then finally he did, with his huge motley crew of people on motorcycles in leather jackets? The contractor said “You’re in luck. We work today!” Supposedly, I have my own gang showing up here later this morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will be so happy to hear the sound of nail guns popping!

Have a great day, everyone!

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