One thing that totally bums me out about fall and winter is the days being so short. When it starts getting dark at, like, 4:45, I just want to crawl back into bed and put my head under the covers. (That’s sort of my default setting in fall and winter. I know, it’s not healthy, but whatever.) Anyway, since I’m all about looking on the positive side these days—or trying to—here’s a bonus to the time change: it’s not QUITE so dark at 6am now. You can sort of see the sun coming up. A little light in the distance is always a nice thing.

In other news, I know the LAST thing I needed was another show to watch, but I’ve been totally sucked into The Big Bang Theory. We’ve been watching it on DVD from the beginning of the series, and it’s just become another thing that makes these early dark nights that much better. I’ve been trying to figure out why, exactly, I like it so much, and I think it’s that the premise is not like anything else on TV. The characters are unique, and so well drawn. I think in this time of reality TV (and believe me, I watch more than my share) you can forget how good a well-written, well-created show can be. I guess as viewers we’ve come to see people like Santino from Project Runway and the girls from The Hills as “characters,” but they’re not. A real character is someone like Sheldon on the Big Bang, so well drawn and distinct that there’s no one else like them. Although, honestly, I kind of have a thing for Howard as well. I think it’s those belts and mock turtlenecks. Who can resist?

Speaking of reality TV, last night I caught a bit of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, and I just felt…I don’t know. Discouraged? We learned this season that NeNe is writing a book, and Kim has a hit single with “Tardy for the Party.” But if you watched the show, you saw that Kim didn’t really SING that much on her song. And you saw that NeNe’s book is actually being written by someone else. So can you be a singer without singing much, or a writer without writing much? Maybe I’m just bitter because I’m at that point in my own novel where I’m kind of tearing my hair out a bit, and I get bothered by people who don’t have so much trouble. But that’s MY issue, not theirs. In fact, I should just delete this whole paragraph so I don’t seem like some cranky old woman. But instead, I’ll just lighten the mood with a picture of my new crush:

Ah, that’s better. Now I’m going to go drink some coffee and work on my attitude.

Have a great day, everyone!

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