The Friday Five!

1. This was the first week of what I’m calling TOFFT: Time Off From Facebook and Twitter. I won’t say I’ve been able to avoid them altogether. At least once a day, I check in and see what’s going on, and maybe update. But I USED to be on multiple times a day, updating and checking, and since I’ve stopped I actually feel better. I think that for me, all that updating and stuff drains the same energy I need to write, and I really need that for writing these days. So if you’ve been trying to contact me via Facebook or Twitter, I apologize. I’ll be back sometime. Maybe in the new year?

2. Someone left a comment the other day, worried about Coco and wanting an update. You ask, I give. (Unless it’s on Facebook or Twitter.) So Coco is doing really well. She’s basically back to normal, which means following my daughter around vigilantly, waiting for dropped bunny crackers, attacking Monkey for no good reason, and bringing me her chicken to throw whenever I sit down. (In fact, just as I wrote this, she instigated a wild play session with Monkey has them racing back and forth across the house. I wish you could see it.) Anyway, we go back to the vet next week to get another set of x-rays, and that’s when we’ll see if her spleen is still really enlarged. I am thinking good thoughts. If her outer behavior is any indication, though, she’s fine.

3. I was at the mall the other day, on November 2nd, when it happened. The clerk wished me a Merry Christmas. I couldn’t help it: like a reflex, I said, “It’s too early!” I mean, honestly. In the clerk’s defense, though, I WAS buying a Christmas book, Olivia Helps with Christmas, which, incidentally, I now know by heart a mere three days later. I’m sorry but November 2nd is just too early to be wishing anyone anything but Happy Thanksgiving. Am I wrong? Oh, probably. Yet more proof that I am a cranky old woman.

4. In other news, my daughter continues her obsession with her little plastic Jesus Christ action figure. I can’t figure it out, as she has TONS of other toys, but she insists on taking J.C. (as we call him) everywhere with us. Now, I am not a religious person. I was not raised in the church, nor was my husband. But we do live in the Bible Belt, so I am very aware that faith is a thing people take seriously, and I do not want J.C. being dragged to Whole Foods or our playgroup to offend anyone. So I went out the other day looking for another action figure that maybe wouldn’t be so, um, sacred. I found a Cleopatra, which I thought was great. But Sasha was less than impressed. I mean, she LIKES Cleo okay, but really just as a buddy for J.C. to hang with while we build him block houses. I guess I need to keep looking. Meanwhile, I’ll just do my best to make sure J.C. is properly treated. The other day Sasha left him on a table at this clothing boutique, where he was surrounded by lingerie. Not good. I’ll work on it.

5. Finally, I’m excited to report that my office is really starting to come together. The bathroom is almost painted, this really nice blue, and the main room is a kind of apricot, the ceilings a bright white. We’ve ordered cabinets so people don’t have to see all my clutter the minute they walk in, and I’ve pruned down my book collection a bunch so I don’t have to haul boxes and boxes of stuff over there and fill it up the second it’s done. There are still a few things I need, though. Like I’m thinking I really want to buy a time clock, the kind we used to have at the restaurant, and put it up right by the door. Then I can fill out a time card with my name (and maybe a little heart next to it, like I used to at the Burrito) and clock in whenever I sit down to write, then clock out when I leave. I’m thinking this might help me feel more professional, which I have not been feeling at ALL lately. Mostly because I’m in this weird no-man’s land (no woman’s?) where i don’t have a full time job, but am not a full time stay at home parent either. It’s a great thing to be able to hang with my daughter so much, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But it’s hard to do all this–writing, blogging, updating, answering emails, just keeping up in general—in only twenty hours a week. I mean, I CAN do it. But I get kind of crabby, and that’s not good for everyone. Maybe if I’m clocking in and out, it’ll feel more like a real job and I won’t feel so guilty about everything I’m not getting done. We’ll see.

Have a great day, everyone!

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